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    The path of the heart- Part 1 

    After so many experiences in Life, we may wonder: What is the purpose?

    From that question, many movies have been made. Nevertheless, it is not about the usual plot of “good vs evil” with sound effects, but the personality and emotions of the characters which could lead us to some interesting realizations. I will use the character of “Loki the god of mischief;” a recent Marvel Comics series, to elaborate this article.

    In the first episode, Loki was shown some ‘highlights’ of the movie of his own Life. He finds about his violent nature and he says: “The first and most oppressive lie ever uttered was the song of freedom. For nearly every living thing, choice breeds shame and uncertainty and regret.” His words have meaning, but his emotion will show more. Through that line, Loki was trying to justify his attempt to control and dominate the Earth. It was another lie, but this time to himself. Once Loki was able to see the complete movie of his own Life until the “end of the file” (death) was reached, he realized how his attempt for glory and fame wasn’t a “glorious purpose” after all (he uses that catchphrase all the time.) This movie introduces the “concept” of predestination to a larger audience, something well known by all Bks already.

    Later, in a quick assessment of himself (self knowledge) and under the compelling evidence, he said: “I don’t enjoy hurting people. I don’t enjoy it. I do it because I have to – because I’ve had to, because it’s part of the illusion. It’s the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear.” If that realization was deep enough, touching his heart; we should see some change in him. That “shadow” should go away.

    Nevertheless, whether Loki changes his ways or not in future episodes, that is to be seen and it is up to the movie writers. However, he now knows what he is meant to do in Life regardless of his words and beliefs. His freedom does not reside on what he DOES, for he is fixed by destiny to DO particular actions. His freedom is in what he IS.

    That may be very hard to explain with dualistic language to someone living in the head, the mind.

    The path of the mind is concerned with concepts, with analysis, with separation and thus, confrontation. Our society values the path of the mind over anything else: Math, Science and Language are everything in our society, all mind. I am not saying that those subjects are negative for people. I am saying that we are over using the mind to the point where we as a race, are losing it. Observe how the mind is taking human beings to value things which truly don’t have a concrete existence: Gold has intrinsic value. It is tangible like paper money. Now; there are bitcoins, and NTFs which are intangible creations of technology. The concept of “supply and demand” has created those artifices which have a large following and that is what will give their value. I am not against or for investing in intangible assets, I am just showing how the mind has taken us into this route.

    Let me illustrate how the path of the mind misinterprets spirituality. Whenever a deep “spiritual quote” is uttered, typically there is misunderstanding of it; for the experience cannot be rationalized. For instance it is said in spirituality: “Intention speaks louder than action.” Contrast that with the popular: “Hell is full of good intentions.” Most believe that actions (DOING) should follow good intentions. But that is not the “intention” spirituality refers to. Intention resides in BEING. It is a quality of being, not in thinking or beliefs; and that quality is action in itself. Refer back to Loki and his issue with freedom. It is not what he DOES but what he IS.

    Then someone ‘spiritual’ says: “It is not about action. It is about vibrational alignment.” What is that? Someone in the head, in the mind, will have no idea.

    What is vibrational alignment? Just a pointer word. If you have FELT it, then there is no question.

    Let us change the pointer words and try Intention, BEING, Presence instead. That is where Freedom from the movie reel starts to happen. Another pointer word for that? Detached observer (Something known by Bks ) and beyond the observer, there is the witness; which is even harder to explain to people in the mind. It is not the “witness” in court, it is something else but using that pointer word for lack of a better one.

    The path of the heart is available once we have crossed the conditioning of the mind. That is the starting point. Caged in the importance of interest rates, the economy, uncertainty and fear, we are living our own comfortable sweet ‘matrix’ of mind made concepts, ideas and beliefs to pretend to be “safe.” In that cage, we have created the “I” who is trying to control life and become something else, to “improve” by fiercely competing with another and blindly following those values to earn more wealth, more respect, more influence, more power. That is the ‘purpose’ of living in that madness. Then, comes the search of a unique “glorious purpose” like Loki did. Something which will separate us from the rest and pamper the “I,” something unique, “special,” which is a lie. Then, that is the end result of exercising what we perceive as our “freedom” to choose: “Shame, uncertainty and regret,” under Lokik’s view.

    If we had the chance to look at the whole movie of our own lives until the “end of the file,” we could probably figure out that whatever we have done there had no purpose at all. It only had to be done: The “doer” can believe whatever purpose he wishes to and create a beautiful prison, sort of like taking the “blue pill” in the “Matrix” movie. Actions had to be done for other things to happen, things which the doer may never realize the true ramifications of his actions. Another way of saying it: We are all One, no matter what we believe our life’s purpose is. See?

    However, did we enjoy the moment? Did we taste the time, the experience just as when we taste a delicious ice cream? You see, taste is like the path of the heart.

    The path of the mind is in purpose, that is for the ice cream to go down the pipes of the body and accumulate in the stomach so we feel that we have eaten and then DO something “more important;” until we feel pressured to eat again. That is the prison of hunger where there is no escape, no freedom. We are running from one ‘achievement’ into another, not realizing that we are in a hamster’s wheel. Glorious purpose!

    When we discover ‘taste of Life,’ then purpose has no meaningful purpose. That is the path of the heart.

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    The paths of Spirituality 

    It is not my style to write long articles, but this time will be an exception. 🙂 Please bear with me.

    For me, spirituality is the art to live life in joy. That word “joy” could be understood as balance, appreciation, gratitude, enjoyment, delight. This is a state of BEING which comes by itself, without any outside influence or particular event happening to us.

    A “wanna-be” seeker, “Life walker” or spiritual person will usually find an existential emptiness in his life. That is the beginning of the journey. That person will search for meaning when all the avenues shown by our society are no longer satisfying; that is, the long lethargic sleep comes to an end little by little.

    Once that spark ignites, we cannot be the same. Life will provide many paths to awaken that “child.” In fact, that person becomes a child in consciousness. That person is like a sprout in need of protection, water and the right environment to grow; therefore, spiritual/religious paths will be there as “care takers.”

    Carlos Castaneda mentioned in one of his books, (as he heard it from his master, Don Juan) “All spiritual paths are the same: They will lead you nowhere.” Actually, spiritual paths don’t lead you anywhere because they cannot lead you to yourself. That is up to the seeker. Spiritual or religious paths are meant to give the environment for that “child” or sprout to grow. That journey could go through many turns and many gurus, many Gods and Goddesses, many supernatural experiences, blissful experiences, or teachings; which are beautiful side scenes in the journey. However, unless BEING is changed; those experiences will be easily forgotten and we will continue BEING pretty much the same: Trapped in our comfort and safe conditioning, self absorbed in the little “I.” The question is: How do we move away from BEING stuck in that rut?

    Life has brought an extraordinaire agent for change. It is called suffering. Have you been introduced to it? Most likely yes. But, most likely we want to get away from it! Nevertheless, suffering is part of the duality of Life and as my friend Miguel said: “ Symmetry (balance) in Life comes with good humor and the flexibility of the heart, which knows that pain is part of the experience.”

    Suffering has that “secret formula” which changes our BEING. Some religions have misinterpreted this and in turn they came up with ways to practice sheer masochism through penances and mortification. Truly artificial suffering. Life itself will put us in that real test! Eventually, suffering will go away and bring the other side of the coin. However, the way we perceive that suffering, will truly change us for the best or the worst.

    It is a different perception when we know that something is affecting us out of our own “karma,” our own doing in the past (and it is not punishment, but merely a consequence of experiencing the rules of duality) than when we blame that pain to someone else and will try to get even with the world, and produce further suffering. That is the time when “knowledge” could be helpful, we could mentally understand impartial cause and effect in Life and thus, we could calm our minds for we know that Life has given us the capacity to go through that episode as well. For that suffering to be fully effective, we need to accept it wholeheartedly. Life then finds an opening in us to sow newness. That is when the little sprout starts growing roots that eventually, will make it strong.

    Spiritual paths could present themselves in many shapes and forms: Some people will be in tune with the major monotheistic religions and their beliefs of sin, shame, guilt and punishment. Some religions will require greater commitment than others. The Brahma Kumaris asked a lot more out of me than just going to mass every Sunday; it took me out of my comfort zone. That couldn’t be possible without the experiences I had. That was the bait and I ate it. An “experience” (something out of the ordinary) may take the seeker out of the logic and reasoning of the mind. That is excellent!

    Others may start their journeys by experiencing changes of consciousness through artificial means, like drinking the popular “Ayahuasca” or eating some mushroom or smoking cannabis, etc. That experience is the bait for them. However, many will create a dependency on those artificial means. For instance, Ex-boxer Mike Tyson uses psilocybin (A psychodelic prodrug found in magic mushrooms) to help him with his mental issues: “I believe this is good for the world,” said Tyson, who said he thinks its use could also help create a more empathetic and just society.

    “If you put 10 people in a room that don’t like each other and give them some psychedelics, they’ll be taking pictures with each other,” (Here is the article from Reuters )

    Mr. Tyson found an altered state of consciousness through psychedelics and a “cure” for his mental issues, but his BEING is the same. No change. An empathetic society based on psychedelics is an illusion. I admit that I do not have experience with psychedelics, although places providing these experiences are numerous here in Peru which cater to foreigners. What I know is that there are many ramifications (which I am fully aware of) which could be detrimental and even dangerous to a seeker. An aborigine may use “power plants” with utmost respect, knowing that their effects will serve as a bridge to contact other worlds or for healing. A shaman may use power plants to perform a “job,” but for most individuals; it is only an opportunity to find another addiction. In this, I need to add that Shamanisn has been widely distorted by concentrating on magic, rituals and spirit contact and not in the root of self realization and to live in harmony with Nature. Just like the distortion society has made of Tantra and even Yoga. Most westerners believe that Yoga is some form of cool acrobatics from the East, thanks to the marketing machinery and their objective to repackage and sell everything even if it has been defaced.

    My sister contacted a Shaman from Bolivia once she heard him speaking in an interview. He is known as “Chamalu.” He has written many books. She traveled by herself when she was 18, looking for him as she was losing her eyesight. That was her starting point in Spirituality. Chamalu performed a regression on her. She met in that regression Brahma Baba (Dada Lekhraj) for the first time (founder of Brahma Kumaris.) She became a BK some time after, that is a story in itself. Brahma Baba told my sister that she “will always have light in her eyes.” She has minimum eye sight now, but she still sees. Nevertheless, she can “see” beyond the material realm without taking “power plants.” Brahma Baba told her that “there is nothing wrong with her eyes because she can see him.” True Shamanism from the Andes is a school to learn the art of living.

    There are paths concerned with extraterrestrial Life. Perhaps many of these “beings of light” are from other planets, other dimensions, other worlds, etc. and now they are helping us evolve? Why not? I had an unusual interest in UFOs when I was a kid. I read every book and magazine I found. In fact, I met Vlado Kapetanovic who was my neighbor in my childhood (https://exonews.org/contacting-friendly-apunians-in-the-andes-vlado-kapetanovic-leading-the-way/) and had the chance to chat with him about his experiences. His main phrase was: “Everything for others.”A very kind man (along with his wife, Mileva) who had a hard Life during World War II time while living in Yugoslavia. He wrote many internationally known UFO books among other writings. Nevertheless most individuals in this path will be mostly interested in seeing UFOs or will be interested in stories related with Atlantis or to call themselves “starseeds from another planet,” etc. rather than absorbing the message that these advanced civilizations bring. These seekers are still missing the point: To look at themselves. To be able to see their own shadow and their own light. That is the core spiritual teaching from any bona fide spiritual or religious path.

    Still; we need to start our journey someplace, and all those places are as good as any other in my opinion, for they could give us the opportunity to move from our comfort zone. In my experience, to move out of that comfort zone is one of the hardest aspects in our spiritual journey.

    Out of all spiritual/religious paths, there is the path of BEING. In my experience, the path of BEING goes from the head, to the heart and then to the gut. It is a journey within, helped by Life experiences. That is the inner journey helped by the experiences in the outer world. Most individuals are heavily connected only to their minds and the head. They cannot truly feel and part of their journey is to open that heart again.

    Finally, here is a reading that I highly recommend to go deeper within.

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B09mI7jo0YigUWlIdTEzcjU4UkE/edit (Hua Hu Ching)

    I found the “Hua Hu Ching” through an email that a friend sent me with a quote from that scripture. That quote resonated with me so much that I purchased the book. As I read it, it appeared to me as if I actually wrote that piece. It reflected back what I learned in Life. We could read any book or blog to learn something; but spiritual readings are not about learning but remembering what we already know. It is to feel that fascination and awe, when someone puts words to something that we have experienced which remained in essence, inside us.

    Enjoy the journey!

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    Diet and Spirituality 

    In this article, I will share my Life experience with diet. Food is an important source of nourishment at many levels. If I was to concentrate just in the physical body, this article could be like many out there: “Eat this and that. It has many vitamins and few calories and will help you fight this disease,” or “Eat this to build muscle and strength. It will help you in your later years.” This article will be a bit different.

    In the Brahma Kumaris and the Indian “spiritual” culture in general, there is the belief that there are 3 main groups of food items: Sato Gunee, Rajo Gunee and Tamo Gunee, which could be loosely translated as: Best, middle and low quality food, respectively. There are many food items which in their belief, fall under these categories. Accordingly, each category has a distinct influence on the mind and emotions of a person. Meat is considered “tamo gunee” or lower kind, for instance. These words, sato, rajo and tamo will be used in many other distinctions to classify different things, which will end up classifying persons.

    Therefore, in the spiritual circles it has been regarded that someone who eats meat is less developed spiritually, creating yet another division among people.

    If someone eats meat, is that one less “spiritually” developed than some who doesn’t?

    First, we cannot generalize. Second, it depends on what we call “spiritual.” Life is not about divisions, but integration. Just as when we could see that first grade is not inferior than high school, but it is a necessary first stepping stone, the foundation. Similarly is with any human activity and specially with consciousness. Why have set levels when it is a continuation? To illustrate this, I will go into a bit of my own eating history.

    My conditioning early in Life was coming from a Catholic, meat eater, chauvinistic, predominantly macho culture in a third world country, where having a tasty good meal is a great source of pleasure. Nothing to be ashamed of. Here, there are restaurants everywhere and a great variety of food items. Those are part of my “roots.” There are positive and negative aspects in every culture.

    It is said: “ You are what you eat.” That is a huge misunderstanding. In my experience, “ As you ARE, so is what you eat.” The issue is that most want to follow someone who they admire as a “saint,” specially in Spirituality. For example: “Buddha didn’t eat meat and he was a self realized sage. I want to be like him. Conclusion: I should not eat meat.”

    The firm follower will stop eating meat. His spiritual peers will congratulate him for such brave, outstanding, firm decision. However, that neophyte was violent with himself. Let us hope that he will remember that experience later in Life, for it will catch up with him.

    One day, someone gave me a magazine from the “Hare Krishna.” There was a picture of a man with a face of a wolf who was about to kill a cow with something like a machete. The cow was desperately trying to cut the rope going through its neck to save its life. That picture influenced me so much, that right there I decided not to eat meat again. Somehow, I put myself into the cow’s shoe. Somehow, I felt its pain and desperation. Somehow, I sensed that something wasn’t right. I was 17 at that time, living in the setting described above. No vegetarian places around except the Hare Krishna. No activists defending animals at that time. That picture changed me without a hint of repression. Of course, that change brought some free problems for me, as I had to say “ I don’t eat meat” while the rest couldn’t understand such craziness. I haven’t eaten cow meat since.

    After many years of not eating meat or any flesh at all, I ate fish for a couple of years because I was into bodybuilding although my health wasn’t tolerating fish very well. I forced myself to eat, encouraged by the sight of muscles growing. That is another form of self violence in the name of following petty dreams. That was in part, the influence and conditioning of living in a first world country; a different culture which values “big and a lot,” individualism, wealth, competition and comfort; where quick, easy to get artificial food with sugary ‘taste’ surrounds people everywhere.

    After that experience, I met the Brahma Kumaris and embraced yet another culture from the Eastern world: Highly devotional, less affluent and with deep social hang ups and gender inequalities. Do we see how the cultural set up has a huge influence in the make up of a person? Do we see how life itself took me to the extremes of the flesh eating experience?

    Being vegetarian with the Bks was nothing new for me. Their diet allowed milk, but it did not allow eggs. That was a sacrifice for me. I loved the taste of eggs. No wonder, when I left the BK movement, I went through a binge of eggs in all forms. The BK Murli (Bk readings) states: “Those who leave here become worse than before.” My binge on eggs probably fits that description. However, that popular Murli phrase does not say “why.” Here is my “why,” after having gone through it: Because a repression or a sacrifice coming through reasoning of the mind, is not effective. Sooner or later the explosion will happen and “hell will go loose.” There are many brilliant reasons not to eat eggs to convince the mind, but a repression is not of the mind. Here, and article about the egg episode. The same could happen with any repression: Sex, sleep, beliefs and a large etc.

    There are people who need to eat meat to be healthy. It is part of their genetics. However, that does not mean that they have license to indulge in meat every day. It will hurt them. It will hurt our environment. That is the type of social responsibility and balance which they need to be aware of, and hopefully; they will feel that empathy for humanity as I felt for that cow’s picture many years ago. Empathy, compassion… those traits are necessary. Why some do not have them? Because they are too busy only self absorbed in themselves.

    As an athlete, I ate more than what I needed just to be able to have energy to practice my sport ( I was into running, biking and swimming at that time.) The hardest part is to cut off, once the athlete identity is gone. We need to be AWARE that our food needs have changed. Most people will not, and the once athlete may become overweight. Most humans are habitual creatures. To be AWARE implies to awaken from practicing hurtful habits.

    Do we see that it isn’t necessarily what we eat but the AWARENESS of remaining in balance, in harmony combined with sentiments of kindness for all what makes a difference? Everyone has different needs according to traditions, health, age, consciousness. Therefore, it makes no sense to make a list of what to eat and what not. Someone said: “Everything with moderation.” However, for me that word, moderation; is not a synonym of enjoyment. Moderation is of the mind. Balance is not.

    My friend Mathias told me one time:” The most important part while eating is to feel gratefulness .” In the human world, we pay too much attention to food items, quantities and calories. We believe that we know what is good for us because someone published a particular study and has a degree. We are happy to repeat what the “expert” found. We don’t dare to find out by ourselves and go through it without previous conclusions.

    At this point in my Life, I have a vegan diet (No animal products including eggs and milk.) However, I don’t appreciate being labeled as “vegan.” I am not a label or represent one. I could change anytime and go away from that definition. Vegan food is what is good for me now. My diet changes according to the weather, the seasons. I smell my food very often like a dog. That tells me if I should eat it or not. It is not my mind making decisions by counting calories. There is no “decision.” My body tells me something, and I follow that.

    In Life we need to be open to try different things and so it is for food items. Our food should be tasty and wholesome. There is also the need for emotional food once in a while: Once a year I may drink a small “coke/ pepsi” so the “child inside” is happy, for as a child that was my emotional food to “feel good.” Junk food once in a blue moon is part of that balance. Other than that isolated episode, there is good-old tasty water for me.

    There are no “good” or “bad” food items. There is a harmonious self, in balance with our environment. You health, your body, your outlook in Life, your enjoyment, your zest for Life, those will tell you if what you are eating is right for you.

    In Life, Balance is not a formula. It is a constant being AWARE. The “equalizer” in Life, changes according to the song that is being played and not according to our belief or dogma that things should be unchanged.

    So… I am vegan like the Buddha! No. I am not vegan. I did not follow the Buddha. I merely followed the experiences that Life gave me and the signals I received in Life. It was a process not a ‘decision.’ In that process I learned about repression and self violence. I also learned about social responsibility and the meaning of compassion and empathy. That learning wasn’t theoretical. I did not get just words from someone. I experienced those teachings myself and became AWARE of them. Now, I know. Observe the process in my own lifetime. Some could say: “it is better to be born in a vegan family.” Not necessarily. Someone who is experienced in both sides of a duality, know the full range of that experience. That is needed to grow in consciousness.

    Finally, for me spiritually is about AWARENESS. To be awake means to be conscious and that entails to know how the outside influences the inside and how our beliefs, dogmas, traditions and cultural backgrounds, do not allow us to be free.

    That is the paradox of freedom.

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    Physical exercises and Spirituality 

    In my time as a BK, I recall that physical exercise wasn’t perceived as something “spiritual.” It was more less considered a body conscious activity. Perhaps that perception has changed now? I don’t know.

    I will share my take on this since I consider to have plenty of experience with physical exercise. Don’t want for this article to be lengthy, thus; will go for the essence.

    A vital person has energy to move and enjoy Life. Physical exercise is a way to manifest that. That zest for Life is the trademark of an appreciative, joyful life style. I enjoy the movement of the body and the expression of it. I appreciate the beauty of the physical body: It is about balance, harmony. Those are traits which have been forgotten in our times.

    In society, most start their physical experience with a particular sport which eventually, as we “improve,” will have a competitive objective. For most that is the ‘fun’ of it. Unfortunately, this obsession to go faster or to be stronger than anyone, brings a very unbalanced life style for most participants in the long run.

    The practice of competitive sports could become addictive as it becomes a source of identity. Continuously pushing to “improve” has its consequences. Once we turn the page from that compulsive behavior, we are no longer concerned in being better than someone else or to build impressive muscles by having the life style of a race horse; that is eating, sleeping and training. That is not what is meant to be for a conscious human being.

    Someone interested in a spiritual life style, also has to consider physical activity as a way to maintain a balanced and healthy life. In my experience, many Bks had rejection for their own bodies. Soul consciousness is not about rejection of the physical body, but to acknowledge its value, beauty and to enjoy the unique experience the body brings. Spirituality is about integration rather than rejection.

    It is true that simple activities geared to clean the house or the BK center (karma yoga) are ways to exercise; but the range of movement of a human being doesn’t stop in just cleaning, there is more than that.

    The Indian system of Hatha yoga in conjunction with a sensible diet (when taken out of the context of competition, and the idea of becoming better by the perfection of certain poses or asanas; ) could lead to a fantastic experience of feeling nourished and in tune, that is experiencing well being. Observe that I refer to ‘hatha yoga’ as the physical aspect of the complete system. For most westerners, ‘yoga’ is only about physical exercises, as most may know.

    Hatha Yoga is the most complete system there is to maintain the body healthy. It works on flexibility, strength, agility, equilibrium, stamina and poise. It works every muscle, tendon, ligament there is and it is meant to be a personal practice where we could be attentive to our own movement. AWARE. This is conscious movement. Also, there is no need to use the mind at all but to focus on feeling our movement, breathing, and to be aware of our level of exertion. No need to count “repetitions” as we have been taught in society, but merely to feel when something is enough.

    The core, legs, feet and the vertebral column are the most important aspects to work on. Those areas are where good health is shown in my opinion. Hatha yoga will exercise and even sculpt all of these areas. The point of exercise is to experience a pleasurable moment in harmony with our own bodies.

    The practice of “Pranayama” or breathing exercises are key to elevate the mood, our vital energy (Qi) and to give our lungs a great workout without the exertion that sports or violent movement could bring. Our ethereal bodies are developed through these breathing exercises. My recommendation is to do these exercises early in the morning after having a regular bowel movement. If there is no time for exercising, at least have 15 minutes for these before anything else in the morning. I recall that I practiced these in Jodhpur. I went there to learn acupressure. There was an ashram and lots of people, mostly men; doing these exercises by following the lead teacher. Everything was over by about 7 AM. I understand that ‘Pranayam’ is very popular in India and popularized by Swami Ramdev.

    I also recommend the practice of the “Iron shirt” from Qi Gong, which is the Chinese way to elevate our Qi or vital energy. It was popularized by Mantak Chia. It is a fantastic way to learn to “root” yourself, and it exercises the legs and glutes as well, which in turn will improve our overall health. How to learn these? There is plenty of material on the internet. Practice it, feel when it is right for you and move on. The body needs time to adapt, so be gentle and take this life style for the long run. How do you know if a particular video or writing is good for you? Again, Feel it. Don’t think and compare. Go with what appeals to you.

    I use my hatha yoga time with some of the methods that I learned from the “school for perfect eye sight” located in the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India. I went with my sister there in my BK days. The methods taught there are simple and based on Dr. William Bates’ techniques. If interested you could find that info on the internet.

    If we could spend one hour of our day into this practice, it will be beneficial. What I have described is my own personal practice and experience. Yoga is a complete system; where physical exercises are not the only thing needed, but a good diet, sleep, emotional health and time for solitude. The complete system of yoga goes beyond that. If interested search for Patanjali and the “limbs” of Yoga.

    Whenever practicing physical exercises with a “spiritual outlook,” we should forget old paradigms coming from an utilitarian society. That exploration of “unlearning” the old conditioning, has the potential to give us new spiritual realizations in our lives.

    P.S: It is my understanding and practical experience that at this moment a change is going on. Electric and magnetic fields are at peak on the Earth. ( See Schumann Resonance) this change will bring many consequences on people. Some may feel very tired even though not much has been done. Be aware of this and adapt your practice accordingly. Other individuals may feel mentally affected, or emotionally. This is a good time to enjoy something different, while the changes are happening.

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    Few suggestions to protect ourselves energetically 

    Most BK followers are well acquainted with vibrations, spiritual energy fields and the importance of keeping ourselves healthy by being aware of these. I’d like to share the following information in the field of healing mostly for self protection.
    Bk followers may remember a picture of Brahma Baba where he is using his hands placed one in top of the other below the belly button to protect this region, which is known as the “hara” or “lower Dan Tian.” Here resides our vital energy, power and our connection with Life. A conscious practice of “closing” this source with the mind once in a while, will make us more aware of this zone. Our body has gateways where different energies could enter depending of what is out there. The importance of protection as we become more aware and conscious, is very important then.

    Some of these practices that I will share, I have learned from others but also I have learned some on my own. However, I practice regularly with me all of them. I had had school training in massage therapy and worked as one for a few years in the USA, that experience gave me an intro knowledge of the healing arts. We need to experience these tools ourselves. To read something and pass it around does not have the same value. Share your experience. That is what my friend Mathias told me sometime ago, so I hope to do this now.

    Disease is not always a signal that things are “wrong,” but also that things are changing. At this point, there are many people experiencing a new change physically, mentally and emotionally. Those transitions could be devastating if we are not aware that things will change. Remember that transitions are always hard to go through specially once we are used to a certain routine, way or belief.

    As my perception improved, I went from a physical person whose reality was in the 5 senses to someone who can perceive energies around me and inside “me.” Before my BK days, the way of recovering health was through a regular medical doctor, after that it changed. Medical doctors have their space in healing, specially when a person needs re-construction of their body, however; their view that everything resides in the physical realm is narrow. As we know, their ‘medicine’ may work but if it doesn’t, it has secondary effects. On the other hand, most techniques used in alternative medicine do not have those secondary effects.

    There are others “realms” which I will mention briefly as each one has to do their own homework. 1) The realm of the ethereal body (I use this label to refer to energies coming from the “outside” which will affect a person. For example, the collective energy of a certain place which affects sensible people, or even spirits or entities which are trapped by individuals who act as ‘sponges’ to them.) 2) Emotional realm, which specially in so called emotional people could be the main cause of their unknown physical diseases. 3) Mental realm, which deals with the perception of the mind. 4) Physical, which is known by most everyone. This is the last layer where everything manifests as a problem or disease.

    I have used Biomagnetism to deal with all of these issues. Basically, it is the use of magnets with positive and negative polarities for healing. This technique has been used for millennia, but in the West it was mostly known through the work of Dr. Goiz (Mexican;) who was a medical doctor who interpreted the benefit of applying magnets according to his trade. We tend to interpret new experiences according to what we know, which is not necessarily reality itself. Therefore, this doctor viewed every cause of disease as the interference of parasites, fungus, viruses and bacteria. I will not go into detail on this, for whoever is interested can find out for himself. I learned this technique here in Peru, through a healer who has many patients and who is not in this for money. Definitely someone who is being helped from “up above.” However, what was taught to me, is not what I currently do. I have my own system. In my experience now, what matters in how effective something is and not to know the mechanism behind it, for theories abound.

    If you feel that there is a bothersome feeling inside, or you feel sad for no reason or any other behavioral or emotional issue that you may be experiencing, put a negative magnet (negative polarity) on top of your right ear (where the ear canals are located or where you put your earphones on) and the positive magnet (positive polarity) around the area of your left side of the pubis where the ovary should be located in females. That same region should work for men as well. Move the magnet around that area after a minute or so or until you feel energy discharging from your body. If you do, leave the magnet there until the energy is gone. If nothing happens, that is fine as well for that may not be the issue. Leave the magnets there for 5 to 10 minutes in total, and then remove them. If you feel the discharge, then do the opposite as well; negative magnet on top of your left ear and positive by your right pubis. The magnets should be at least 1000 Gauss or more to be effective. This procedure works to release external energies which do not belong to us.

    Magnets can be used also for emotional and mental issues in a very simple way. Those interested in this field will need to do a bit of research. We need to try and see if this will work on us. It may or may not.

    Another easy way to protect energetically ourselves, is by using one lemon in each pocket as we are out and about. Lemons have the property to work as “sponges” of negativity that otherwise, we will not perceive. This is something that I use very often. Lemons will get hard as rocks after a couple of days or even a day if I have been very active. Then, I will dispose of them and use another pair.
    The use of metals such as gold or silver or even steel is also important while practicing healing arts as these will act as shields which also will need to be “cleaned,” by exposing them to solar energy. Gold is particularly known for its protective benefits.

    If someone offers you a glass of water, it should be covered if you are not drinking it right away for as we know, water has the capacity to attract surrounding energetic fields. On that same line, to shower once in a while with salt is beneficial to clean ourselves energetically and even better if you could take a dip in the Ocean. If you would like to improve the vibrations and “clean” a room energetically, use a Tibetan singing bowl. Have the intention of cleaning the space from foreign and static energy and aim the sound to the corners of the room and go from bottom to top of the corner.

    Finally, I will re-share these tips which I wrote in my BK days concerning ethereal/”ghost” energies: https://explore7.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/1060/

    These few “tips” I hope may help some. I feel there is a need to be aware of energetic surroundings and that should be the first place to look when experiencing a disease, specially at this time when there is a lot of suffering worldwide. There are many kinds of people, some are not that sensitive and they are protected by their own unconsciousness, however; as we progress or if we are naturally sensitive to energy surrounding us, it is very important to take some measures to protect ourselves.

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    Some suggestions on dealing with karmic bondage 

    The last few articles have been dedicated to karmic accounts. In this last article in the series, I will give some general suggestions based on my own experience.

    While BK knowledge may give some importance on this topic, their advise on practical issues may leave a lot to be desired: Basically, “yoga with Baba” and “Do not” type of procedures geared towards avoiding the creation of “new karmic accounts.” Nevertheless, it is a safe response when dealing with many followers, but not enough in my experience.

    According to time, there is a need to learn the art of enjoyment. A yogi life style is known for a steadfast almost stubborn renunciate attitude of not deviating from “a mental ideological line.” That line can be anything. When we deprive ourselves from many things in the belief that this mental idea will give us a “better” spirituality; we are putting ourselves to a challenging life style which will take away any sort of taste of Life. Certainly, if we are addicted to sugar and someone says that we need to stop eating sugar completely, then that is understandable. But if there isn’t any sort of addiction, then we are merely blindly following something which we have not experience and we will go through that commandment in a repressed mode. To recognize addiction in us, requires a certain level of awareness and raw honesty.

    If a karmic bondage takes away your health, enjoy Life from another perspective: Learn ways to heal not only the self but others. Enjoy the moments when your health is better. Use your taste buds to enjoy food. Enjoy the company of another. Enjoy the specific circumstances that you are living which makes possible that other new things appear in your Life which otherwise, wouldn’t be there. Duality works in that way: Something is taken away from you, but something else is given instead. Discover that which has been given and enjoy it, for it will change. If healing is needed, I strongly recommend alternative medicine as much as possible. This is usually known as pseudo medicine or quackery; as this cannot be scientifically proven. The catch is that at this time we get “help from up above.” Our artificial life style away from Nature, requires that we receive special help to live, and there are some therapists being helped to help others. In some countries they may be known as “shamans” or “healers,” or “therapists.” How do you know if these individuals are reliable? Look for someone who is known to be effective through word of mouth AND one who does not believe in economical gain as the reason to be practicing her art. “Help from up above” typically goes to those whose main concern is to help others despite the amount of money they get. Most of the time, these individual have no idea that they are helped from “up above.”

    Here, some therapies that I have had some experience with: Craniosacral therapy, Biomagnetism, singing bowls, acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, reiki, reflexology, breathwork, massage, hypnotherapy. If you wonder what I mean by “up above,” that is help beyond this physical world. We may add whatever our belief is, but that doesn’t matter. That is the reason why science cannot verify the validity of such methods for the “steps” do not work the same for every individual performing them, unless they are “chosen ones.”

    If an individual experiences any sort of loneliness and feels deprived of company, to be able to live with yourself is not an easy task but if life has put you in that experience, that is because you have the capacity to do it. After all, living with yourself is the path to no-self. It is up to you to recognize the opportunity behind that experience. When you are fully comfortable with yourself and in-yourself, there is no longer a need to be emotionally subservient of another. This experience of being alone is something that Life will put you under and not something that “we decide to do.” In the meantime, enjoy all the activities that you can do by yourself!

    I have discovered the healing and fulfilling effect of movement in sports, dance and hatha yoga. Anyone who could practice on a regular basis a non competitive physical activity, is blessed in my opinion. Another outlet which is important for emotional healing is music. Yes, we could listen to it but to play it, that is another level. It is a good way to spend time with music as long as we do it for the sake of it, and not because we “want to be better at it” or “want to be a star” or something along those lines. That way of traditional thinking is merely using the arts for ego enhancement. Play music, just because. Enjoy it! That is its own reward.

    In a nutshell: Enjoyment of that which you can DO is the key. That is the new view or perspective. Appreciation of the experience happening through us; and learning to find positive in that which we perceive as negative should be, in my opinion; the focus of any spiritual bona fide teaching at this time.

    The art of enjoyment and appreciation is coming from feelings at the heart center. This is important to remember. We cannot only “think” that we are enjoying Life.

    Our ability to feel despite whatever complaining junk our mind comes up with, is key in going beyond the crucifix of a karmic bondage.

    Finally, for those looking to help others and (here comes the incentive for those still caught in ‘what’ s in for me?’) “accumulate good karma,” there is an international non for profit organization called Peta (https://www.peta.org/about-peta/) whose mission is to help animals to have ethical treatment from humans. Animals are sentient beings just like us experiencing a lower level of consciousness; our “little brothers.” Helping them is to help other souls. While humans are complex, animals are simple and they just want to be let alone and live their lives as “human free” as possible. There are a couple of issues going at this time: Owls and Dogs. If this “service” is suitable for you, here is a chance to help.

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    Types of karmic bondage 

    As mentioned before, any karmic account is an opportunity to experience the other side of a duality. Many times we could ask ourselves: “but what I have done to deserve this experience?” That is unnecessary to know, for it could only produce wasteful guilt. Mostly, the result of previous actions come from lives before this one. We are not that same person now; but we have the capacity to withstand the experience which will benefit our spiritual growth, that is the “plus” side. No one becomes “spiritual” by only experiencing the fun side of Life; but like the phoenix bird, we need to be reborn out of our own ashes. Many times the intensity of those karmic experiences will seem to be the funeral pyre. As the BK teaches, there are “old souls” who have been experiencing many life experiences and thus, “creating” karmic accounts / moving into the other side of duality. When it is time to settle those experiences, these could be perceived by many, as experiences of extreme suffering. On the other hand “souls” with few births in the cycle of time, have the experience of what could be perceived as a “good life” for the most part. However, experiences are according to capacity and that is given by Life, the “Drama” itself. “Fairness” in Life, has a different twist as we will see.

    There are karmic experiences dealing with the perception of “losing something”, it could be a job, wealth, health, a relationship or more often a combination. In this article, we will go into 3 basic types and one unusual type of karmic bondage. The one that most BKs are familiar with, is the body. Often ailments and hospital visits, weird diseases, physical limitations, even the experience of so called “evil entities” are among this class. In my observation, this experience could limit a person to the point where suicidal tendencies could be experienced, as physical pain could be intolerable. Sometimes, even normal ‘medicine’ could have detrimental effects. I recall the incident of someone who couldn’t get rid of her morning routine of throwing up. It was very debilitating and for no apparent reason. After many years of using medical drugs to subside the issue and without any success, the drugs weakened her body even more. The “real” problem was an unresolved emotional situation from childhood. Life brought the solution after many years of suffering. During that time, this person improved her ability to deal with pain. She had a higher threshold than most mortals. At the same time, her character changed: From an independent, do as I please kind of attitude; it changed to a gentle, tolerant person. Physical karmic accounts have in my opinion, an underlying cause of lack of self love. This person could have the tendency to inflict suffering or pain to herself by being negligent of her own needs. This person will ‘learn’ about self acceptance and self love. It is an invitation to live a life which departs from the ‘normal’ every day person. It is important for this person to share his experiences and findings to help others heal. Life may compensate this person with the experience of paranormal powers and experiences as a source to enjoy Life.

    Karmic experiences relating with the mind, is another type. A person could experience a mind disease such as schizophrenia, bipolarity or any other mental disease like OCD. A mind disease cannot be cured by science. Many times it is something to endure throughout a life time but sometimes, it is mysteriously cured. That is when the karmic period for that experience is over. This person may experience rejection, low self esteem and great dependency on others. Great suffering may be experienced. While OCD could be easily self cured when there is observation on how the mind could subdue a person’s will through a belief in some fearful event happening, if a repetitive routine is not performed; other mind diseases which involve an unbalanced mood swing between manic episodes and depressing ones; could be harder to deal with not only by the person experiencing this karmic bondage, but also by close relatives. While a physical karmic bondage could be the opportunity for close relatives to learn to disengage from the suffering of others, so they could be more helpful; those experiencing mental diseases could teach their relatives a high level of tolerance. Life presents a teacher in a different, unusual form.

    There are karmic accounts dealing with relationships. A person could be often misinterpreted. In a relationship, these could lead to fights. Also, this could bring the affected person into self isolation, for he will feel misunderstood. It could be difficult to fall in love, for those who he feels attracted to, will reject him; but those who he doesn’t feel attracted to, those may pursue him. This type of karmic bondage is the invitation to solve any issues of emotional dependency and the opportunity to observe his own interaction with others. Rather than believing that the culprit of “bad luck” resides in the behavior of others, this person may start to look at his own behavior instead. That is self-observation.

    One of the toughest karmic bondage is the one related with clearing family ancestral issues. That is a family karma. A few family members may be selected for this after many generations. These individuals will live an unusual life style far away from the norm without this being their choice. It could be tough because, it doesn’t depend on the readiness of a particular family member, but all of them have to do their share in representation of their ancestors. Life will bring many teachings in that setting as well.

    In a nutshell: A “normal” person having a “normal” Life, will have the “normal’ experiences and nothing else. Those who have the capacity to withstand painful experiences on the other hand; have greater capacity for the sublime as well. Both sides will need to be experienced and those are directly proportional to each other. That is how “fairness” shows up in Life. No one can escape the experience of duality, for that is the essence of living.

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    Learning from karmic bondage 

    In a culture of avoidance for the sake of ‘solving problems,’ most become oblivious of the lessons in Life. How could we learn from a situation of cheer suffering? We may ask.

    Emotional suffering brings the opportunity to observe how insignificant this “I” could be. It doesn’t matter how much we try to “protect” it or to avoid any sort of unpleasant situation, Life will bring a way for us to experience the other half of that duality.

    Observe the life of any individual. It has its side of pleasure and its side of pain. Those sides cannot be measured and we cannot compare with another as Life brings the experiences according to our capacity to withstand them. There is no way out, no matter how clever or smart we believe to be. This realization in itself will bring a sense of awe and respect for Life for the rare opportunity to live and experience. After all, it is not about “my accomplishments,” or “my success.” Observe that the other side of the duality, the one we want to run away from, will kick in at some time. This is the part of the story that we never get to learn in society; as the promotion of the “I accomplish this” or the “successful I,” is there continuously. Along those lines is the thought behind “settling a karmic account.” That is, “let me be successful.” “Let me give you the method.”

    Let me be concise. It does not depend fully on us. Therefore, it is important to learn to observe and deal with situations as they appear in front of us and not based on some philosophical, idealistic view of Life.

    Let me illustrate: Person A knows that person B steals. Person A has a distaste for stealing and likewise for person B. Perhaps in a religious setting, person A has been taught to “forget and forgive” and to “never steal” or perhaps person A has been taught to send “good feelings and good wishes” and he is “practicing that.”

    A few years later, Life brought suffering to person A. Person A lost everything he had. Person A experiences hunger now. Person A is ready to steal in order to survive. If person A lacks observation and he is only concerned in protecting that “I” and enhancing it, then his awareness is not there yet and he will continue to deepen the experience of sorrow. Nothing wrong with taking that path. However, this is a great opportunity for mercy and compassion to appear without “practice,” therefore; the real deal. Person A knows about misfortune and he will not be so fast in judging another. That is the value of experiencing a misfortune and taking the “jewels” of that experience with us. That requires an individual with keen observation and above all, awareness.

    On the other hand, most will fight back. Through that mentality of “fighting in Life” they may get back where they were before or even above that through their own “effort,” but… their sense of “I” will have grown exponentially . “I overcame misfortune. Let me teach you how to do it. Read my book. Buy my DVD. I am an example.” A “success story” is born and our society likes that. For society and many “spiritual” teachings, there is no need to appreciate the experience of tragedy and be open for a humble beginning where we can understand what is like to feel misfortune and put ourselves in someone’s shoes. Incredibly, it is out of that appreciation how “virtues” will flourish without learning any intellectual “spiritual teachings.”

    If we experience what is like to be compassionate, then courage will appear. If we learn to be frugal with ourselves, then we have the space to be generous with others. However, if we take frugality as the way to enrich ourselves (the “I”,) then a penny pincher will be born instead.

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    Liberation from Karmic accounts 

    Typically in the BK world these “karmic bondages” refer to relationships. For example, BK A could fall in love with BK B. Even though, this is not encouraged and even forbidden in the BK world, this happens more often than what we know of. It is in “normal” human nature.

    Whenever that “love” is not corresponded due to the other person lack of interest or due to the BK setting which will not allow for this to flourish, then for sure; we are under a karmic bondage.

    Mentally we could say: “ I don’t remember what I have done to you, but forgive me and I forgive you for the pain that is coming through you. Moreover, here comes my blessings to you.”

    That sounds lovely. However ineffective to “get rid of that bondage.” It is important to be honest as well, and admit that we are uttering those words because we want out of a particular suffering. Yes, it is about us.

    Every conscious effort of that “I” to reject a particular experience, is in fact; a lack of understanding.

    Let me illustrate: Karmic accounts are part of Life. It is the play of action and reaction. It really fits into our world of duality whenever “I give, then I take” or If I have taken, then I need to give.

    A karmic account is not an invitation to fix things. It is rather an invitation to experience a new experience. The way we deal with that is the teaching that we need to learn to move forward in Life.

    BK A has a situation with BK B. Is he trying to conquer the heart of BK B despite the fact that this is not allowed in the BK setting? Then, that is the teaching. To observe how we are willing to bend some rules to accomplish our perceived needs. Perhaps BK A rejects completely any association with BK B. Then, that rejection is tinted with an inner lie. Can we observe that? Any action that we decide to DO will bring a reaction. If we try to solve things by believing that we should act in a predetermined way, then we are not acknowledging what Life is trying to tell us. There are no formulas.

    Many times our own experience of suffering is the way to dissolve that karmic account. Therefore, what is the sense of trying to figure out how to resolve something? The solution will unfold itself when we learn to observe what Life brings rather than to blindly follow a philosophy, an idea or some moral value of what should be right.

    It is important to point out that we do not know the extent of how a karmic account will go. It could go on for the next life time and that is necessary, unless we are ready for self realization and that is not like “going to your auntie’s home.”

    In a nutshell, there is no way for us to “settle” a karmic account or to liberate ourselves from a karmic bondage out of our own doing, formula or magic spell; for that situation is the fair return, a consequence. However, paraphrasing the Murli; “we could feel a crucifix like a thorn.” That is the mature extent of how spirituality could help us deal with a karmic situation.

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    Joy: The ultimate Gyan. 

    The Universe is immense, infinite according to what we know. Do you truly believe that “we” are the only ones here on a tiny planet in this solar system? If there is life, do you believe it has to look like us? Do you believe that we are the most advanced race there is in the Universe?

    According to Brahma Kumaris and monotheistic religions, this is it. According to others and Avyakt7-NG, this is not it.

    However, does it matter? As far as our experience is concerned, probably not until it has to.

    Human beings have different timing in evolving consciousness. I am not saying “their consciousness,” for I can realize that there is only consciousness expressed through innumerable beings with different degrees of evolution which gives the experience of individuality.

    As Brahma Kumaris puts it :”Every soul has a part recorded.” That part minus mind, intellect and sanskaras (according to BK gyan) is consciousness. It is the level of consciousness the one driving perception, awareness, the “reality” of the mind, intellect and sanskara. The punch line is that levels of consciousness do not depend on the person’s DOING. In other words, “I cannot improve my consciousness.” It is what it is.

    Some people need to “come down the ladder,” while for others it is time to go up. It is recorded as it is. Coming down assures that this actor will go up “sometime” in this lifetime or another. The opposite is true as well.

    Knowing that, what is the significance of helping others to “go up the ladder”? Here is when we learn that this is not a duty, service, seva. It is merely extending your hand. Someone may take it. Another may not. All is good. That part is the one hard to understand.

    “I want to save that one.” Perhaps it should be expressed as “I want to believe that I am saving someone” but truly “I am merely helping myself.” That is an ego boost for the sake of accomplishing an obsessive idea.

    Although the size of Life is incomprehensible by human minds, the beauty is that we do not need to understand. All required is to observe, to watch as if everything I am aware of inside and outside, is a moving train and I am just standing still. Everything passes away but if we add flavor to make that fleeting experience unique; then we are in tune with this game. Appreciation and gratefulness are those special spices in Life which make any dull plate into a delicacy. When we learn to add them to any experience, we make a nourishing dish called joy.

    Knowing joy, whether we go up or down; it will stay the other way around!

    Will take time off until April 21st. Enjoy Life!

    • Gayathri 8:26 AM on April 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I appreciate your comment : Appreciation and gratefulness are those special spices in Life which make any dull plate into a delicacy. When we learn to add them to any experience, we make a nourishing dish called joy.


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