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    The double sword of guilt 

    There is no emotion which has been exploited in society as much as guilt. Guilt is the feeling of having committed an offense or a crime and thus, redemption is born magically as the other extreme of that duality.

    We could understand this very well intellectually, however; it is ingrained deep in our subconscious for this emotion has been instilled through many generations up until our days.

    Observe how this emotion is used as well as a means to “motivate” the person to act. This is a compelling opportunity to “become pure”, “better”, “perfect”, etc.

    Religions have been using this “trick” to lead followers.

    In Brahma Kumaris there are many instances to feel guilty about: Missing the daily Murli, Sleeping over Amrit Vela time, not making enough “effort”, eating food in a restaurant, having sexual thoughts, eating garlic or onions, and of course; to have sex. Every one of those “sins” will require some sort of “confession” from the “sinner” and a willful and determined intention, not to DO it again to be able to deserve redemption.

    Basically, “if you want to play the game, you need to follow the rules. If you fail, demonstrate your remorse and you will have the opportunity to keep playing”.

    Observe that there will be plenty of opportunities to “DO right from wrong”; Nevertheless, we will learn very well about feeling guilty. That emotion will linger even after the “training” is over.

    Never mind that this is a “predestined Drama” and there are no mistakes in the Unlimited. Never mind that we are only “actors” portraying a role. Never mind, that this “mistake” will repeat again for eternity; guilt will be felt as the mind, the intellect and the sanskaras have been well trained to respond in a certain way.

    That conditioning is extraordinary.

    Every “mistake” is an opportunity to learn. Observe that every society, every religion will have their own rules as to what is permitted and what is not. Therefore, it is in our best interest to dissolve that useless emotion. That will take some inner work. That is the type of work that I refer to as necessary to liberate a conditioned mind.

    Emotions will persist and they will entangle with other emotions which in turn will be weaving larger threads of psychological knots, which could be quite difficult to untie. To untangle each knot means a lesson learned in Life.

    It is very easy to say: ” Don’t feel guilty”; but that is the failure of words and learned concepts, “knowledge” when we are dealing with our own psychology.

    Nevertheless, in the OBSERVATION of how guilt arises and what it does, resides its own dissolution; for Life will show us the path. Without this careful observation, there is no rock to hold onto while falling in the abyss of guilt.

    As guilt is a primary tool used in our society to condition individuals, it is important to realize that learning has its own sticker price, which will need to be paid in full. Thus, there is no need to add remorse and the emotion of unworthiness for the law of cause and effect makes sure to keep things in balance, until we learn.

    Therefore, guilt is an infantile emotion. The type that a little dog learns to feel if it made a “mistake” inside the house, but unlike a human a being; that experience does not linger in a dog as a trauma. Something to learn from our “best friends.”

    Brahma Kumaris is without a doubt a “school” (University) to learn the art of de-conditioning and conditioning. Those skills will prove necessary in our Life.

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    “God” in the Brahma Kumaris 

    The word “God” is not used sparingly in the world of religions and spirituality.

    Judeo Christian tradition will give many attributes to their “God”: Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresence, creator, goodness, even jealousy (Exodus: 20:5-6) among others. This “God” is a conceptual entity as described through books regarded as “holy.”

    “Shiva” which is the name given to “God” by Brahma Kumaris; is also described in Shaivism and worshiped as creator and destroyer of worlds; however, in Brahma Kumaris; Shiva is neither creator nor destroyer, but Brahma is “creator” and Shankar is the “destroyer” who in Hinduism is known as “Mahesh.”

    Hinduism is amazing in the display of colorful descriptions that it could give to their deities and gods. Depending on the tradition that you BELIEVE in, there will be labels to worship and practices for that (puja.)

    Therefore, any religion could build their own labels to define “their” God.
    However, definitions and concepts are for books and scholars, that is only “theory” and none of my concern. What concerns me is the experience of “God.”

    My sister had a vivid experience with Brahma Baba as he appeared to her for the first time, in a regression she had done which was completely unrelated to this experience. It wasn’t until she met the Brahma Kumaris when she recognized Brahma Baba as she saw a picture of him. Consequently, she took the beliefs of the Brahma Kumaris where she learned that Brahma Baba was the “chariot” of God Shiva or even sometimes, it was said that there was no difference as Shiva entered Brahma Baba to speak through him, etc.

    Brahma Baba did not introduce to her as “God”. Later on, he would address her as “child”. We could have many assumptions about this episode, which will be colored (conditioned) by Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy. Notice that we tend to interpret our experiences to fit some known conceptual theory.
    Isn’t a “father” the same as “God”?
    That is another assumption.

    We can make many assumptions. That is the beginning of our self inflicted lies which we will make “effort” to protect, as we are protecting our own ego.
    “I found God. I am special.”

    I emphasize that “God” is an experience. It is a personal experience which cannot be extrapolated to fit a religious system which will fit all. If “God” is used merely as a concept (as it is for the majority), it will have some utility in the minds of followers but never in their hearts. That is the extent of scriptures and Murlis, all about the mind. We cannot say that we “love God” by merely reading or hearing scriptures. That is imagination. Love comes in relationship, an experience.

    Observe if “God Shiva” is merely a concept to believe and worship. For those of Christian background it will be easy to dissociate from that “God”. However; for Indians in particular, it will be harder, as there is a strong conditioning already.
    Somehow, “God” is necessary for the wide majority as their consciousness needs to feel protection and security in an uncertain world.

    This is a much as I will go with “God”. There is more, but I feel that everyone of us will need to go into it.

    Brahma Baba had a huge influence on my sister and she had love for him. He appeared to her many times during her BK time and has helped her in “BK service” in ways that could be hard to believe.
    When it was time for her to go from the BK experience, Brahma Baba appeared to her for the last time in a dream. He told her that he will leave money to her so she can travel (We sold the BK center that we opened in Peru and she traveled with that money) and for her not to feel upset that is time to leave. “Child, you will come back”, he told her.

    She knows that to be certain. It will be in the next kalpa, for sure.

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      Dear Avyakt 7, It is amazing to read the experiences your sister had. I remember the incident – when you translated some material into English from Spanish, she was able to point out where the changes had to be made.
      Obviously, Brahma Baba has understood that he gave all the training that you both needed and allowed you to proceed on your own on this spiritual path. All the best!


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        Brahma Baba knew, as everyone of us has a mission within the Brahmin experience. We are never alone, even if we think we are….


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    The cycle of time beyond BK conditioning. 

    A deep understanding (if at least intellectual) of the significance of the cycle of time will give us the answers which many different religions, philosophies and “isms” have presented during our history.

    Cyclical time is not an exclusive belief of Brahma Kumaris, but in my humble opinion; there hasn’t been writings or “churnings” which I am aware of, considering the depth of it.

    Let me present some items to consider using BK philosophy.
    Have you heard in “New Age” the popular: “we are all ONE”? Probably we have heard several explanations to try to make sense of that one: “Brahman is Atma. Atma is Brahman” is one of them.
    Everything which is included in the cycle of time is bound to belong to it, including “your” thoughts. Yes, we are all ONE.
    A jigsaw puzzle has pieces. Every piece has meaning as part of the puzzle. However, the puzzle has meaning thanks to the picture over the pieces (typically landscapes.) That picture is the “Drama of Life” depicted by the movement of the world cycle. Every piece has a small chunk of the whole picture. A piece is nothing by itself; but only in relationship with other pieces to make something bigger than themselves.

    Even the picture of the “3 Worlds” depicts a relationship between “Parandham”, the “Subtle Region” and the Physical World. The “world Drama” happens in the physical realm; but there is influence of the other two realms. There is a continuous interchange. What is the “purpose” of “Parandham” other than to supply “souls” to the physical world? At the same time, isn’t the purpose of the physical world to supply souls to Parandham? Isn’t the subtle region in a way, a reflection of the physical world?
    Therefore, everything works in synchronicity and there is no one accounted for that feat. No need of a “creator”. It just happens.
    The Universe is perfect, despite the popular saying that “Nothing is perfect”, we could now observe that nothing could be but perfect. For it IS as it has to BE.
    “Perfection” is not a human ideal to reach. It already IS.

    Therefore, Who are you?
    Isn’t the “soul” merely an agent of destiny “equipped” for every journey, every Life, with particular experiences?
    Where is your “free will” then?
    That will probably hurt most “unprepared” egos. That is probably why we haven’t heard about the cycle of time with certain depth yet. It is easier to say: “ Baba says, it is a predestined Drama; but you can change things “now” (free will) because we don’t know what will happen.” A “shrewd intellect” could realize that we have to DO things, certainly; but we are driven to DO something based on circumstances, conditioning, etc. That unobserved drive we could call “free will”, the name is irrelevant; what is important to notice is consciousness behind an action; and consciousness does not depend on us. It happens.
    Religions have pretended to go around this obvious observation, by creating an artificial moral system whereby a particular ACTION is labeled as “good” without care on consciousness. The output of such trap is that many followers will DO something labeled “right” although, they do not feel in the same direction.

    Let me illustrate: According to BK knowledge, “sex is bad.” Don’t DO it. However, is that truly the way you feel? In other words, is your CONSCIOUSNESS according to that action? That is how repression arrives and many mental problems after that.

    Now, let me go into the trap of “I”.

    Who “I think I am” is merely that. It has no significance in Life but in our artificial society. Moreover, It has no significance if “I think that I am important, now or in the future.” It is all human day dreaming.

    There is NO ONE in “you”. Nothing. Go to sleep at night. The mirage is gone. It happens every day of our life.
    Alzheimer anyone? Who are “you” if you don’t remember? Others may remember “you”, but we are always changing. What “YOU,” do they remember then? That “soul” (Atma) is only a container. It is not “self.” As every BK knows, that container can have up to 84 lives (experiences in Life) all “recorded” already.  Again, “self” is not “soul.” “You”(self) will not go beyond this experience which we call Life. Please “churn” that. It is all coming from the understanding of the predestined world cycle.

    Now, let us take a look at “Predestination.”
    It merely means that the consciousness that we have is already set up, as we are part of the cycle of time; and it has to display different circumstances according to “time.”
    “We” are merely agents of “time”. “Fabricating” changes which are already set up. Thus, the morality of “good and bad” is another human creation not supported by Life itself. Life is beyond “good and bad”. There will be consequences of “our” actions, yes; but we will be equipped to withstand those as well. That is known as “karma.”

    What is this idea of “God” then? I will not go into that at this time, as I have offered enough to “churn about”. If you’d like to explore that, you may do it.

    Don’t we feel trapped, like “puppets” moved by the puppeteer, the “Drama”? Do you feel unhappy?
    That is because we do not understand a thing, yet.

    Nothing is asked from “you”. Nothing to “do.” No purpose to reach. “You” are already FREE.
    All you have to DO is ENJOY, APPRECIATE and SMILE. That is the “effort”.
    Whatever you DO is meant to BE. Wherever you ARE is meant to BE.
    Look how the conditioned mind wants you to “achieve,” to “make effort,” to “save yourself”. No time for enjoyment. Got to get busy… “Do service.”

    As “I” am dying from “myself”, death becomes not only acceptable but liberating. Do you think “I” am afraid of “destruction just ahead”? Isn’t that only another picture of the jigsaw puzzle?

    “I” am a soul. 🙂 How could you BE a soul (container) if “YOU” are not?
    “Atman is Brahman”. That is more accurate but typically; misunderstood.

    There you have something “new,” precious to churn about; thanks to the cycle of time. 🙂

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      I like the words, “..Every piece has a small chunk of the whole picture. A piece is nothing by itself; but only in relationship with other pieces to make something bigger than themselves….”
      “Even the picture of the “3 Worlds” depicts a relationship between “Parandham”, the “Subtle Region” and the Physical World.”
      Well, i am a soul, the container, that contains all the roles that i need to play in a kalpa.
      Thanks for sharing the gems.



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        An empty soul, with nothing other than pre recorded roles to play. It is that emptiness the one that we discover when the mind is still or not there. We call that peace. Another name “Brahman.”


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      Here is an article by “Rose Mary” on Drama.

      If everything is fixed, why should I try?

      When it is told that everything in the Drama is fixed and repeats itself every Kalpa, some may feel: “If so, why should I try? Would it not be boring? ..etc.”

      Just like there could be wrong answers, there could be improper questions also. For example, after seeing non-vegetarians enjoying their food, one cannot ask “Is flesh of other living beings a very enjoyable food?” This question is not fully right because it has conflicting answers. Flesh is a delightful food for one group whereas flesh is highly abhorrent for people who value lives of other living beings. Similarly, you can’t ask “Is an idol (pratima) good?” because some religions hate it whereas in India, pratima is helpful. Prathima [from the root ma = to measure] is defined as Prathimeeyathe ithi prathima which means conveying the character of god/goddess in equal measure into another medium, as in the case of picturization of Narayan whose core characteristics are shown through four hands holding swadarshana chakra (knowledge that he is atma), mace (victory over Maya), lotus (purity) and conch (announcing the knowledge of incoming Golden Age with others and enabling others to become like him).

      That means conflicting answers can have for certain questions depending on various factors, and true meaning of a statement is inseparably connected with its context. In the context of saying history repeats identically every cycle, God may say ‘even a fly that passes by your face may do so in the next cycle too.’ People who look for essence rightly think: “If so, the more important things too will surely repeat identically.” It is not unusual to take minor things to highlight major things. For example, Jesus said: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye” (Mathew 7:3) He was not thinking about a dust particle. Rather he was saying most people are inclined to see even the minor faults of others (not their own major faults); thus they never feel the need to change, hence good and bad people repeat what they have been doing (Mathew 12:35) and because of this he declared: “Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Mathew 7:13, 14)

      When God Shiva says ‘everything repeats itself’—it is simply His experience that everything repeats itself. He gives a perfect start to humanity at the start of every Kalpa and they reach decadence in the end, hence He has been renewing what has become old at the end of each Kalpa. Things begin to become old as inhabitants on earth fall into forgetfulness about true nature of themselves and of God; thus history is cycle of “forgetting and not forgetting” (Murli 05.09.2017) which is all about repetition. Things repeat in small and large scale. To mention a few examples: Billions of deaths have occurred, yet people repeat the style of living as though they will not die. Even though mechanism of Cause and Effect is everywhere, most people repeat hoping they can evade consequence for their actions, thus we have increasing crime rate, abortions …etc. Everyone knows sensual pleasures are sweet in the begging but bitter in the end resulting in many sufferings, yet people repeat running after them. Even though everyone in India knows Gandhiji entered into politics with no selfish interest, people repeat entering into politics with selfish interest.

      The reason why people repeat is that each atma is unique and has also unique sanskar. Hence even though one may think that he is choosing his action, in fact he is only unfolding according to his likes and dislikes. People going to a restaurant and ordering for different items may give the impression that they are choosing. In fact, each one is only acting according to his taste and liking which is NOT CHOOSING. Likes and dislikes are fixed whereas choice is dynamic. One may unwillingly donate for a welfare cause all because he is worried about his image, thus his donation was a forced giving, NOT A CHOICE. What people do is only an expression of what they really are. What one is doesn’t depend on him. What is in the tank only will come through the tap. What is in one’s sanskar only will come out as his actions/reactions. Hence whatever one does is unfolding of his likes and dislikes which is, in effect, like ROLLING DOWN, hence choice is not a right word to describe our actions. Our actions are best described by the word nimith or “instrumental consciousness,” says Gulzar Dadi (World and Wisdom of Gulzar, p. 74). Because it is under various factors and forces that each person acts. This word nimith is a combination of ni (down, back) and mitha/mith (moderate/measure, from the root ma, to measure) [as in nirog which means “free from disease”]. Hence when you say “I am nimith” it means your part in any happening is too small to measure as you are flowing with many factors and forces (seen & unseen, discernible & indiscernible). When you say “I had my lunch” it may look too simple. But, to make it possible, how many people should work directly and indirectly—including the invisible labor force of micro organisms working beneath the mud in the farmlands?

      In view of the above, one would easily understand the import of what Baba says “even the fly that passes your face will repeat it in the next Kalpa.” This is just another way of saying everything (micro and macro) repeats, and this statement often comes with other statements such as: “BKs are those who do not engage in vices. If a BK commits any vice, he/she will lose his/her status and will also receive 100 times punishment…..etc.” Thus in essence what He says is that Drama is a play of both freedom and destiny. All those who are acting do not feel they are acting in a fixed way but feel that they are choosing, yet in fact they are only unfolding according to their sanskar. There is no choice in unfolding, it is fixed. Hence actions are fixed, and results are inseparable from action, hence they too are fixed.. Fixed by whom? By each individual. For example, Baba says: “You could even go higher than Mama and Baba, but the conscience says that no one can go higher than Mama and Baba.” (Murli October 09, 2017) In other words, in Drama everything repeats because of the fixed thinking of individuals. In some cases it is very obvious. For example, habitual late comers have a fixed thinking; and habitual time-keepers too have a fixed thinking; hence both groups repeat their habit.

      When BK gyan was introduced to us we readily and delightfully accepted it, and superficially it seemed it was our choice. Yet truth is that we accepted because it matched with our sanskar. When I went through the 7-day course of Brahmakumaris, I felt an overwhelming leaning towards it from my subconscious mind to accept it readily as though I have lived through the first perfect half of the Kalpa. In other words, it was like I was re-awakened to BK gyan just like I am awakened from sleep by the sound of an alarm clock which is not a choice in its real sense. Those who reject BK gyan too do the same in every Kalpa. They are like those who have never visited foreign countries; and to them names of foreign countries are just names with no memories attached. But name Switzerland comes with many fond memories to a person who has already visited that country. Those who accept truth will do so in every Kalpa and those who reject it will do so in every Kalpa. Everyone knows there is love, and there is real love too; there is seeing, and there is real seeing too….etc. Similarly, those who see will always see [what physical eyes can see], and those who really see will always really see [what non-physical eyes can see]. Physical eyes see seed-tree-seed mechanism whereas non-physical eyes see an eternal cycle behind them. Physical eyes see the end of Kaliyuga and non-physical eyes can see beginning of the next cycle too.

      Thus two types of people are repeating two different sanskars. Spiritual person and physical person may always repeat acting in a fixed way. For example, when a spiritual person sees a purse falling on to the road from another person, he simply returns it to its owner and feels happy about that very act and WOULD NOT WANT ANY PUBLICITY to it. On the contrary, when a physical person sees a purse falling on to the road from another person, he simply takes it to himself and feels happy about the things he can buy with the money in that purse and WOULD NOT WANT ANY PUBLICITY to his taking the purse. These two types of people would always repeat their style of functioning. This is true in large scales also. In the first half of the Kalpa, inhabitants only enjoy the fruits of their actions performed in the Confluence Age. In second half more souls descend and divisiveness starts—and it is unstoppable. If anyone tries to introduce the features of first half of the Kalpa (such as one Government for all, one religion for all, one economical system for all, one language for all …etc), he will simply be resisted by all, and he will understand how impossible such change is, even though everyone knows it is highly beneficial. What an irony it is! Yet it is a fact! It means highlights of first half of the Kalpa and highlights of second half of the Kalpa simply repeat identically. It is an endless cycle of elevation and entropy! The only thing individual can do is acceptance or Amor Fati (love and accept everything that happens)—a beautiful concept the ancient Romans understood. In acceptance, there is peace, which brings other virtues such as love, joy…etc.

      Thus, in overall view, there is contentment. It is like one praising rain in overall view: “What a wonderful arrangement the rain is! It pours on all places.. It starts from ocean and travels through air as cloud and falls as drops and flows back to ocean. In the process, it cleanses the land and nourishes the living beings.” See what happens when he has limited view about rain: “What wastage! It pours water on rock, mountain, deserted areas …. etc.” Similarly, in limited view one may not fully appreciate the repetitive aspect of Drama saying “What a boring it would be!” Some would even ask: ‘If everything is fixed, why should I try or do seva?’ Such question has no meaning in their personal life because if someone is a skilled cook/dancer/driver/singer …etc, he/she would not ask “why should I be careful while cooking/dancing/driving/singing …etc?”

      The more attentive to one’s talent, skill, and work, the more enjoyable life would be no matter how repetitive the action is. As John Milton rightly wrote (in Paradise Lost): ‘The mind in its own place and in itself, can make Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.’ You can find this true by a simple experiment. Imagine you are a grandfather. You kept a ladu [Indian Sweet] on dining table and went to washroom, and when you returned to eat it, it was missing. Now you begin to think who the possible culprit could be. You feel anger, when you think your maid as the culprit. You feel no anger when think of your wife. You feel happy when you think of your daughter. And you feel double happiness when you think your grand-daughter ate it. See how negative emotion of anger changed into double happiness according to the change in thought! A person who interacted with over 12000 persons during their wait for death, in the dusk of their lives, gives the highlight of what they all said: “One should try to find joy in the small things, for that is what would bring a blot of happiness. One should learn to accept the situation and choose what you deeply feel will be of value to you.” (Vibes: Incessant Journey of thoughts, by Mizuma Lenin)

      It’s all in our mind. If one feels “repetition is boring,” then it is boring; and if another feels “repetition is not boring,” then it is not boring. People who have overall view have no problem with the teaching that ‘everything (micro and macro) repeats’ because they know that happiness does not depend on whether something is repetitive or non-repetitive. Happiness depends on doing what we enjoy doing or on liking what we do, fully concentrating on the now, regardless of whether it is small thing or big thing, repetitive or non-repetitive. There are many things we do daily, on repetitive mode, such as brushing the teeth, bathing, eating … yet we don’t feel they are boring to us. Such routine things become even more enjoyable when we do them consciously. Apply this principle to everything we do; and you will find every moment become moment of joyfulness. Shrewd ones would also safeguard his happiness by keeping only positive and inspiring friends. And this is all the more necessary now as we are very close to the Golden Age.


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    The 5000 year cycle of Brahma Kumaris 

    Nothing entices a would-be-follower more, than to know that “he would be saved” and the rest will not. He is an “exclusivity” of Destiny. A “chosen one.”

    The gist of existence of the Brahma Kumaris for those without an experience with Brahma Baba, is without a doubt; the “end of the world.” “We are about to end the cycle of time. Save yourself. Now or never.” Moreover, since this is an identically repeating cycle, then “if you make a mistake this will repeat cycle after cycle…” That is a very strong selling point, indeed.

    “I” don’t want to make a “mistake” and not be able to “fix it.”
    That sort of teaching, teaches to fear living Life. However, there is nothing better than fear to stir people in a particular direction: “Eat vegetables rather than candy, otherwise; you’ll be doomed.”

    Many former followers feel cheated because the “prediction of end of the world” among others, did not happen as believed: “I wasted my life for nothing”. They eagerly expected the world to be destroyed.

    All millennial prophecies have proven “wrong” so far. Nevertheless, still people believe in them for their minds are plugged into the “future” and they want some certainty in an uncertain world.

    As a BK, I had a very particular experience with the cycle of time while meditating. From that moment on, I was able to grasp with certain depth, the significance of it.
    First, it is important to realize that humans pretend to understand Life under their own conditioned consciousness. We have 5 senses. Have you ever asked yourself if what you perceive with those is the actual “truth” or merely some limited perception of what is?

    I have experienced that there is a world beyond the material world which has influence over this world. “Science” is based only in the laws ruling the material world without knowledge of what is influential, but coming from “beyond.”
    Bottom line, our minds cannot be sure to know anything, but only to have a limited perception. The collective consciousness agrees in a perception which is later labeled as “truth”.

    That is the reason why, a seeker needs to trust their own particular experience rather than what everyone else says. There is a “reason” for having an experience. A spiritual seeker is not trusting his experience so he can be “better off” or “get ahead” in Life. He is trusting his experience out of his own inner honesty, because he is interested in knowing himself beyond what he has been taught and conditioned to believe. If that is not the case, you are not truly a seeker, but someone who is only looking to be “right” by keeping the approval of the masses.

    Destruction did not happen. “I” was “right”, they were wrong.
    Of what good is to be “right” when your consciousness hasn’t changed a bit? This is “spirituality.” It is not a “gamble with a prize.” The outcome of spirituality is not geared to make you rich and famous and “secure your future.”

    The “5000 years cycle” of the Brahma Kumaris means very little to me. It is of no consequence whether it is “right” or “wrong. For me, that is worth not even a peanut. You could dress up as Lakshmi and Narayan and believe to be those in the future. Your mind will be happy; but your consciousness will be the same as it always has been.

    Nevertheless, what for me has value is to have experienced predestination in all its extent. That is what I will share today.
    Predestination is the most sublime of all the beliefs. Why?
    “I” cannot make “mistakes.”
    “I” cannot make “sins.” Therefore, “I” cannot feel guilty or ashamed. It is all cause and effect. Nothing personal. Therefore, this in itself proves that there cannot be “salvation or punishment.” After all, there is repetition of the same act, cycle after cycle. BK teachers will emphasize that “now we have the chance to change things as whatever we do, will repeat cycle after cycle…” That is only a convenient interpretation to inflict fear.
    WHAT “YOU” HAVE “DONE”, WILL HAPPEN AGAIN… AND THAT IS PERFECT. (Notice the “ “ in “YOU” and “done” there is a “reason” for that.)

    How do “I” get out of this vicious cycle?
    When “I” don’t take things “personal.” For isn’t it that “I” am experiencing something which “I” am not DOING? Although it appears as “I” am DOING. If we see the “unlimited” repetition, then I could see that I have “no choice” but to DO what I have done before. Thus, Am “I” truly DOING?
    “I” am an OBSERVANT without knowing it. (Light bulb on: Karmateet – Detached Observer.)

    How is it possible not to take things personal?
    That is not something to “work on.” That is not a decision to make. It is a matter of consciousness. That will happen when “I” become AWARE of that which “I” call “I”.

    That is what we may need to take home after going through the “5000 year cycle” subterfuge.
    Why is a subterfuge? It should allow you to look for that “I” and inquiry into its existence. However, most miss that and will be lost in proving or disproving the “5000 year cycle.” That is not the “reason” of that subterfuge. Religions such as Christianity which believe in “free will” will not give you the opportunity to inquire into the existence of that “I”, for the “I” is a given. Therefore; “I am guilty, I am a sinner, I need salvation”, that is the output of such conditioning.

    Through that BK subterfuge we have the opportunity to go one step further in our inner search. However, I can assure you that this is not the end of the search. There is more.

    Brahma Kumaris is truly full of subterfuges. As your AWARENESS increases then, you may see that the “cookie monster” of fearful subterfuges is only a way of perception. None of those philosophical words have substance to change consciousness. Most BK followers are not in the stage yet to see that, but all they are looking for, is for words to feed their minds and give them some tranquility. The mind is happy with the mirage of knowing “some conceptual truth.”

    Were you looking in this article for the answer, if the “5000 year eternally repeating cycle is “correct” or not?” Maybe you should read this article.
    Do you believe that Life uses the Gregorian human calendar to fit nice round numbers (1000, 5000, 10000, etc)?

    There is no doubt that “Destruction” will happen some way, some how at some time. It is a matter of time. Many don’t require the Bible or the Murli to be AWARE of that. However, when you discover the nature of that “I”, and start living it… “you” will not BE there but only as an observer.

    • Gayathri 11:48 AM on June 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Dear brother, i notice that i had sent my comments on your other article (which is referred in the present one) 6 years ago! 🙂
      Yes, now my understanding is different. Yes, at any given time in the time cycle, my perception would be based on my state / level of consciousness/ awareness at that moment. So, the drama repeats identically every kalpa.
      My consciousness may keep changing…. 🙂


      • avyakt7- New Generation 4:00 PM on June 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, dear Gayathri. However, the comments of Max Planck ( German theoretical physicist whose discovery of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.) still remain. Here a couple of his quotes that fit this conversation: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

        Max Planck said in 1944, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent spirit (orig. geist). This spirit is the matrix of all matter.”
        and this one:”A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

        All the best.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 10:39 PM on June 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    The flavor of personal experience aka “practice.” 

    I have full appreciation for the BK movement. For me, it was like my “elementary school” in “Spirituality.”
    Many of the elements I was taught by the BK movement are still with me, those are part of my personality now. Those have helped me to understand “spirituality” beyond a simple concept to follow.

    “Spirituality” is to learn to live Life harmoniously. We will need to learn to feel our balance. That is known as harmony.
    Balance cannot be defined or described. It is not a concept. The world exists through balance. Some put things in, we label that as “good”. Others, will take away. We label that as “bad.” Nevertheless, when these movements are harmonious, there is balance.

    The same is within.

    Society will give a perspective of Life. We learn to compete, to “advance”, to “make our own future”, etc. It is like trying to obtain a comfortable position then, we think we have “arrived.” That view is typically taken to extremes and we see people out of balance. To harmonize this view of Life a counterpart is needed. We have been exposed to religious or “spiritual” views to gain that balance.
    Nevertheless in those religious, “spiritual” teachings; we learned that we can “advance” as well, we can become “somebody.” India has been great in giving hierarchies to many “saints” in this respect. You have the swamis, the Paramahansas, the mahatmas etc. All those labels mean “achievement” to laymen. However, those achievements are not something to “have” like money, power or position in society. Those things are related with “being”, inner work rather than outer achievement.

    Spirituality is not an achievement.” It is to outgrow limitations. Those limits are very personal.

    A BK follower will need to be attentive to this; otherwise, what he will “practice” is only a sophisticated, subtle version of society’s teachings: Another way to achieve name and fame which may have meaning inside the BK institution, but otherwise meaningless in Life.

    Society pulls one way. Religions pull another. Those “pulls” are typically seen as contradictory by intelligent individuals. How is it possible to talk about brotherhood, when there is continuous “back-stabbing” behaviors in society? We see continuous fights, wars at different levels. That contradiction will bring a dissonance in the minds of people. Dishonesty is the outcome. Guilt and shame will be the emotions to experience.
    Talk one way, act in a different way. Neurosis.

    The same principle holds true while embracing the BK movement. It is like a little society inside society. Any extreme will not bring harmony, balance.

    Observe that any practice should have a particular “flavor” to be enjoyed. Without that “flavor”, things will turn bitter.
    “As it is your food, so your mind,” it is said in the BK movement. Therefore, as long as there is “flavor” in a “practice”, we will be in balance. Once the flavor is gone, perhaps is time to change. Look for another “flavor”.

    Have you read about the Life of Ramana Maharshi? Observe that he was honest with his own experience. He left society because he experienced a greater “flavor.” He wanted that. Observe some of his “followers.” They did not experience any type of flavor. They merely wanted to experience what Ramana had and thought that by following his “austerities”, they will experience the same. Truth is, Ramana did not follow any “austerities”. He only wanted to experience the flavor that he knew, without the worries of society. Thereby; he left society. Some label that “renunciate” although there wasn’t any type of renunciation on his part.
    There is much to learn about that.

    Be honest with your own experience. It may not be the one that is “supposed to be”, but it is yours at a particular time. That is the starting point. It may change later on.
    Life is change, anyway. We only have to be “real” for change to be “real.”

  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:31 AM on June 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    A Life of “effort” does not bring “salvation”. 

    Sam became a BK because he thought there was true spirituality in Brahma Kumaris. He had an experience with God while meditating in a BK center.

    Sam pursued and practiced all “codes of conduct” as prescribed by Brahma Kumaris (BK). Sam believed that the “Drama” of Life was predestined, although; he thought that within him was the ability to change his destiny as he wished.

    After 18 years, Sam became worn out and his faith was shaking since he had experienced many illnesses due to pushing himself beyond his limits through the ideal of becoming an “emperor” in the “Golden age.” Moreover, he became progressively disenchanted with BK as he felt constrained in Life. He was about to quit after so many internal battles; when fortunately he had a “deep” conversation with someone who he admired in the BK system and that changed his mind: Sam was going to stick with it until the end of his days…

    Sam wanted to change his destiny and be “saved.” Although he truly didn’t feel deep inside that the BK system was for him anymore; he followed his mind (what he thought and was told, was the “right” thing to do) and his conditioning to stay no matter what.
    Needless to say, Sam had all sorts of inner conflicts, although those did not seemed obvious to others. Sam learned to put the “happy face” despite feeling angry.
    Eventually, Sam suffered from cancer and died within a few months of being diagnosed.

    Do we truly believe that Sam changed his future and “saved” himself? Do we truly believe that he will be in the “Golden age” based on his Life as a BK?
    DOING the things that he was supposed as a BK, do not bring the desired effect, unless there is a deep change in BEING.
    Sam’s inner dishonesty could not be changed. Could we say that he wasn’t predestined to be an “emperor” in the Golden Age, despite his efforts to be something that he wasn’t?

    We could assume that he needed more “Yoga with Baba,” so he could have made many “efforts” there, but if there is no true love (BEING) there cannot be change. Love happens. It cannot be taught or “practiced.”
    As a matter of fact, if there is a thought such as “If I do yoga 3 times per day with love, every day; I will make it”, that person does not feel true love. It is only self- interest.

    There is no way that inner dishonesty will bring us greater “spiritual advancement”.
    Staying a BK for a life time is not guarantee of anything if we haven’t had the awareness to OBSERVE our inner world.

    Many will stay because they like the life style. Many will stay because they have “invested” too much in it, to change to a different life. Many will stay because they don’t know anything else, they have no place to go.

    “What is in it for me?” That is the only question which matters for many. That sort of personality cannot “advance” even if he wakes up every day at 3 AM or if he opens 108 BK centers.

    For those who feel that they want to continue as BKs, I would humbly suggest to leave the “show” behind. What show? To pretend to demonstrate to others and yourself that you can be someone who you are not. Rather acknowledge who you ARE and outgrow your own limits. That requires maturity and not a childish imitation of some ideal.

    To speak “knowledge” to everyone does not mean a thing other than self reassurance of believing that what you know is the only truth. The world has already many “coaches” doing the talk but only few do the walk.

    Any sort of “service” done with the intention of DOING “service” is only a way of displaying ego. “Look, I am helping, DOING something special.” Big ego.

    A true BK life is the one walked without show, just like the “father.” “Make effort” to be unknown. “Incognito” is the word in the Murli. Use the BK teachings and atmosphere to ground yourself and learn more and more about YOU. The setting is already there. The BK system provides that.

    What is predestined cannot be changed no matter what we DO; therefore, learn to listen to your heart, not your mind.
    The heart has your direction in your lifetime, it is void of “ego” and its needs, wants and dreams. Your mind only has conditioning: What others think, what you believe, what the scripture says, etc.

    Thus within your BK life, “yoga of the mind” needs to be changed into “yoga of the heart.” That is the “effort.”

    • Gayathri 8:18 AM on June 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Simply marvelous!


      • avyakt7- New Generation 3:16 PM on June 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Glad you liked it. 🙂


        • Gayathri 5:53 AM on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

          Dear divine family,
          Om shanti.

          Feel like sharing some thoughts on YOGA.

          We have 4 subjects in Raja yoga; Knowledge, Yoga, Dharana, and Service. Most of us know a lot of things related to Gyan. We do service with our thoughts, words, and actions as well as with our body, mind and wealth. Dharana – We have been inculcating virtues and powers through our spiritual endeavour. Then comes the subject, Yoga.

          There are 3 stages in yoga – one is just ‘trying’ to consider one self to be a soul and remembering Baba in Paramdham. The next step is to go deep in remembrance and experience the angelic/ flying stage wherein we still entertain thoughts. The third stage is the SEED stage where all the thoughts disappear and there would be no remembrance of whatsoever but just experiencing the stage of peace and silence.

          Baba says that we need to practise the SEED stage more and more in order to transform our sanskars, and to burn away the sins. Baba says that if we could sit in the seed stage for an hour, we could burn away a LOT of our sins and there would be drastic changes in our sanskars.

          But the problem with most of us is, we can stay in the angelic stage for quite some time, but maintaining the seed stage is difficult.

          An easy way to reach the seed stage is given below; please give it a try.

          Sit comfortably on the floor (on a mat) or on the bed cross legged.
          If you are sitting on a chair/ sofa, cross your feet at the ankle level.
          Inter lock your fingers.
          Close your eyes.

          In this method of meditation, closing the eyes during meditation, crossing the feet, and crossing/ interlocking the fingers are very important so that the cosmic energy/ divine energy that we draw from the universe/ God, is not lost while doing meditation or immediately after completing it.

          Now, focus on your breath.
          Just observe the breath, the air going in through the nostrils and exiting through the nostrils. Just keep observing it.

          Many thoughts may try to pass through your mind as usual, ignore them and try to bring back your attention to the breath. Do not even think of points of knowledge, Baba, service, etc.

          Slowly, with practice, we notice that the speed and frequency of the thoughts reducing. We may even find short spells of ‘no thought periods’ too. When there are no thoughts, no need to focus on the breath, but once the thoughts start, again start observing the breath.

          This practice takes us to the seed stage easily.

          Start this practice when you have ample free time so that you would not be disturbed. Initially, one hour of meditation might result in a few minutes of the seed stage. But that is fine, it is not a small achievement!

          Once you are through, and want to get up from the meditation, slowly unlock your fingers, gently rub your palms, and place the palms on the closed eyes for a few seconds (6,7 seconds), then slowly remove the palms, and then slowly open your eyes. Unlock the feet.

          These movements should be gentle so that the divine energy that we have received during meditation would not be thrown out and wasted by our jerky, abrupt, movements.

          Please practise this as many times as you can.


          Various diseases that people are getting these days is because of the negative emotions, weaknesses like irritability, fear, dejection, hatred, jealousy, anxiety, stress, lust, anger, greed, attachment, etc. that they have been harbouring.

          When one spends some time in the seed stage everyday, these negative qualities would slowly cease to exist. In other words, practising seed stage is the sure way to get rid of our diseases.

          Most of us have one or more health issues which have been troubling us since a long time. Let us not give up by assuming that it is our karmic account, but work on ourselves and improve our spiritual as well as physical health.

          Best wishes and regards,
          Gayathri ben.

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    • Gayathri 12:40 PM on June 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      3 more points which i forgot to mention earlier are given below :

      While we are trying to focus on/ observe our breathing, we may feel subtle sensations in some parts of the body. It one wants, one may unlock the fingers and adjust his posture or if one feels like scratching some part of the body, one may do the same, but should not open the eyes unless it is needed.
      And afterwards, please lock your fingers and start observing the breath.
      There is no need to regulate or control the breath, let the breathing be normal.
      If one is wearing spectacles, it should be removed before starting the meditation.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 5:36 AM on June 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    The “spiritual” importance of blood family 

    The word “family” has been used and misused in many forms. There is the “family” at work. The BK “family”, etc.

    In my experience, eventually part of the process of self-realization and liberation will take someone back to their own blood family.

    Why? Because who we ARE is closely tied up with our “DNA” ancestry. In other words, many traits which make “me” are not related just with “me” but they come through the tree of grandparents from both sides of a family. Therefore, there is a family liberation which will need to take place. This fact is explained in therapies such as the “family constellations.” A search of this in the internet will bring the result that all of this is plain quackery, nevertheless; in my experience; it has helped me tremendously to observe certain family patterns which are ingrained in “my” personality.

    There is no “power of yoga” which could take away what has been forged through centuries in a family tree. After all, it is not just about “ME” when that “ME” has a baggage through family ancestors.

    Observe how Brahma Baba had to deal with his own blood family in many ways to experience his own liberation. It is not always a happy ending, but a settlement of relationships, only those who are going through it will know as for the rest, what is happening will have no meaning.

    Yes, we hear stories of people leaving their families to be with “God”, but in my experience; their time hasn’t arrived yet for self-realization unless they come back to their blood relatives somehow, someway. Perhaps in another lifetime.

    In our society we have built “family” relationships with friends, associates, etc. but if you want to know who you really ARE, observe yourself in action with your own blood family setting.

    Who we ARE is easily faked with other “families”, but not with our own.

    Gautama Buddha came back to his former family after becoming a Buddha. He did not leave them and went onto “more important tasks of world proselytization and teaching”, but he was bound to settle those relationships.

    In the BK world, there is the belief to be “ancestors souls of humanity”, however; they key to untangle the web of relationships happens through our own family tree when someone is ready to start the process of self-realization. At the end, that person has to be free, unbound and that does not happen by walking away, misinterpreted as being “detached.”

    One thing is to believe to be settling karmic accounts by separation, denial or repression. Another is to actually settle them through relationship.

    Nevertheless in Life, the way to come back to that which we have denied or purposely separated through repression, is to reject it.

    That which we reject, certainly will come back to us.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 5:59 AM on May 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Neurosis as incentive for the search of salvation 

    Raja Yoga is the yoga of the mind. What happens when the mind is disturbed?
    In my own self search I was observing some of the expressions of my mind as a neurotic entity. Observe how yourself will fit into that broad spectrum of neurosis.

    In my search for information, I found the following book: “Neurosis and Human Growth: The struggle for Self-Realization.” This book was published back in 1950. It was written by German- American psychoanalyst Karen Horney. Although, I will not read the whole book; I was fortunate to be exposed to the introduction of the book: “ A morality of evolution” which I’d like to share with you. Please read those 3 pages.

    If you are a “seeker” observe how the pattern of “improving yourself” according to an ideal, becomes a source of anxiety, guilt and even pride and arrogance. According to the type of moral standard that you subscribe to (According to Horney, there are 3) so will be the type of disturbance experienced.
    Want to attain perfection? That is a source of neurotic expression of a disturbed mind.

    If we had a Christian background, definitely we will fall into the first category of morality: Man is sinful by nature. We must tame those primitive impulses.
    If we had a Brahma Kumaris background, we will fall into the second category: Man has some good and some bad traits. We should keep the good and get rid of the bad. The problem of this duality is that a separation of opposites is just an ideal not a reality. We will strive to reach an ideal which is not real. That lack of touch with reality is an ill interpretation of the mind which will support further neurosis.

    The third type of morality is what Horney calls “self-realization.” That has nothing to do with “spiritual” self-realization; although it has some link to it; for instead of fighting and denying those things which are not helpful in our development, we will outgrow them after being able to observe and acknowledge them. Obviously this “morality by evolution” requires a person with greater consciousness who is able to be aware. Nevertheless, a support group (parents) is needed to allow for this to happen in a child, before neurosis sets in. Unfortunately, most parents are busy dealing with their own neurosis, their own dream of “what should be” and are unable to allow for a child to discover his own potentialities.

    Our inability to grow, change, adapt to new situations is without a doubt a sign of neurosis. We feel comfortable with what is known. We want to stick with that even though we feel suffocated. We want to hang on even if that means our own death, for there is a fear. Life is not worthwhile to live in that sort of mind, unless we keep ourselves protected in a golden jail.

    The “a-moral” person is by all means, a healthier individual. I am not saying “immoral” but “a-moral.” That type of person is not reactive. He is not a revolutionary who changes things from one extreme to the other.
    The “a-moral” person is truly free from the conditioning of the mind, he lives in “carpe diem.”
    However, to get there naturally (As BapDada prescribes,) we will need to go through the 3 stages of morality. It is a gradual change as day changes into night.

    • Gayathri 1:09 AM on June 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      True. The third type fellow reaches the peak (which the other two types are trying to reach) earlier. Yes, it needs self acceptance, courage, and patience.


  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:34 AM on May 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Advise for those looking to move on from the Brahma Kumaris 

    First, it is important to recognize that Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual school and it has a mission.
    What is that mission? To give the basic understanding of the “spiritual realm” and to introduce followers into a different mind set. Brahma Kumaris will enhance self value of the follower through the experience of enhanced ego.
    As already shared, that is necessary in the “spiritual” path for without the ego increasing to its full potential, there is no “fuel” to later “dissolve” it.

    That “elementary” school (BK) is the backbone for further exploration, though only for those who are ready. “Ready” is not a matter of time in the BK movement, but rather; it is readiness of consciousness, awareness.

    Second, when going for the full experience of the BK movement, to reach a point of saturation becomes important to move on. For “full experience” I mean, someone who fulfills all teachings of the Bks. Someone who stays a BK but in the “periphery” of it, does not feel the complete effect. There, it is easy to move in and out, without much change due to inner struggle.
    Many do not get to that point. They may have different conflicts or sour experiences which will force them to leave.
    Nevertheless, whatever your experience; if you feel cheated, angry about them and full of animosity; you will be trapped deeper; as you will not be able to let go.

    Third, many get caught up in the politics, in the administrative ways of some people who exercise their own little ego trip. Although that has influence in followers, I consider that benefit is beyond all that. Practice the Maryadas. That is pretty much it. Observe your own inner conflicts. Observe when enough is enough and what is triggering that. Otherwise, we get caught up in what Dadi said, what the in charge did to me, what someone else informed me about the BKs, etc.
    Go by your own experience, not someone else.

    Being part of the Brahma Kumaris is like having a relationship with someone. Both parties go into it out of their own will. There may be some lofty goal as objectives to reach, but the relationship will die away when both parties are unable to compromise. There is always change, and change is neither “good nor bad” but necessary, unavoidable.

    Leaving the BK relationship should be out of your own will as well. For instance, if there is animosity towards the person that we once loved, then that will be our trigger, our trauma which we will be unable to let go.

    We are out of the BK experience, when we let go and that for sure, is one of the most important “spiritual” teachings one should encounter. All relationships are meant to end someday. It is unavoidable in Life. We may think that we “found God” but if we found “him” it means that we lost “him” before, and that we will lose “him” again.

    To avoid an indigestion of traumas, it is important to learn to assimilate the time that we spent within the BK experience.
    What is what you took out of it that will help you in your current Life? That is the type of perspective to move on harmoniously.


    Will be taking a break until May 29th. 🙂

  • avyakt7- New Generation 7:45 AM on May 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    “Yoga of the mind” to live in the mind 

    If Meditation is the tool used for the mind. Contemplation is for no-mind.
    The mind will show us the obvious, more often; the surface of things. No-mind (the path of the heart) will show us beyond the obvious.

    Observe how a religious follower will try to convince others about their own “truth.” Observe how the belief to have found the “truth” and the need to disseminate it, and even (when in disharmony) to impose it, will be imperative.
    All of that is the path of the mind. Ego is within the mind.

    “I am special because I understand the “truth.” I have the “truth”. Others are less privileged. I must teach them. I must help them.”

    Big Ego.

    There is nothing wrong with following such path, but please ONLY be AWARE of this fact. That is the “cure.”

    The world of “reason”, the world of “logic”, is only a way of perception. Only that. This perception is unable to go to the depth.

    The other day, I went to see a doctor. The process he used to try to discover the “disease” was very similar to the process a computer tech will do. Tests, analysis, observation of those results, interpretation based upon previous experiences or second hand experiences and finally, a “treatment.” Those are the steps of a world ruled by the mind. Those steps are unable to see relationships beyond the physical, beyond the obvious.

    A human being is part of Life itself. Life is not logical. It isn’t “reasonable.” Our society may be, but Life is greater than that “shoe box.”
    Life has its own way. The way, the “Tao”; goes well beyond the understanding of the mind; we could harmonize with that “reality”, we could be in balance with “what is” and that is not a mental process at all. That is the heart, no- mind.

    We need to feel it.

    Raja Yoga Meditation is a step forward in the awareness of the mind. “Gyan” is a step forward in giving certainty to a fearful mind, but those are only a beginner’s journey.
    If discipline in the form of norms and laws are needed to give direction to a confused soul who is looking for meaning; then that discipline has timing before it turns into a personal jail. Most of the time, that jail becomes too comfortable to step out.

    A person without the experience of discipline, will go astray. Thus, discipline is part of the process but not the goal.
    Lack of discipline calls for discipline, but then while still in the mind, we will go back to lack of it again, as a result of some repression within; unless there is the experience of no-mind.

    In the heart (no-mind), there is harmony, balance. That is unwritten. That cannot be told to another. There are no steps 1,2,3 to follow. There are no descriptions or studies to read about to “know” information. That is useless there.

    The world of DOING to fulfill our conditioning, then is over. BEING appears for the first time and thus, DOING follows naturally. There are no conflicts.

    Peace is in no-mind.
    There is no peaceful mind, but rather a dull mind.

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