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    The transition to “Brahma,” “is not like going to your auntie’s home.” 

    If the game of Life is represented by the passage of the first pure into the first impure, that is from Krishna into Vikram, (according to Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy) there is another passage with relevance for the one experiencing it and those close to that one as well. What is that ?

    The passage from Lekhraj Kripalani into Brahma. That transition is the fulfillment of self-realization which I like to call “Life realization.” Within one life time, some individuals will be able to experience within themselves the “yes and the no,” the “yin and yang,” the “pure and the impure.” The importance is obvious, for that will be the first conscious role where the person knows the journey, the passage through his own experience.

    Whereas from “pure to impure” is a matter of gradual unconsciousness, from “impure to pure” is the journey of awakening . There have been many self-realized individuals in history, some well-known and others little known; however, every single one of them had a “mission” for the common good. Every journey is unique. No copy cats allowed.

    In our world filled with spiritual gurus, there is a great difference between a teacher and a master. Typically, the teacher merely passes information. He becomes a source of conditioning in one system or another. A master on the other hand, is about PRESENCE. He IS, therefore his presence is all that it is needed. He doesn’t teach but expresses in BEING what he IS. That in turn, changes others.

    There are many stories about Brahma Baba given by those who lived close to him. It could be almost a magical experience for some. Those around him were touched. What some people felt at the time and the benefit that Brahma Baba’s PRESENCE gave them, cannot be understood by those away from that experience. Therefore, it is no longer what he says and the “wisdom of words,” what matters is his PRESENCE. What he IS can change others.

    In this world there may be many people with sharp speaking abilities and great intelligence but they ARE NOT what they talk about. They lack the experience. Their knowledge is just information, something to entertain the mind. However, the words of those with the experience are able to pierce someone’s mind and heart. That is included in the magical gift of arriving into self-realization.

    It is no longer “him” finding the “true path” through following some philosophy. What has happened is the miracle of Life itself uplifting the ones who are ready. Others may identify that help as God, Beings of light, extraterrestrial beings, angels, etc; for the arrival to light means that Life itself has protected that individual to be able to cross the path from his own darkness into the Universal light.

    It is no longer “his” light, but light itself as he is one with Life.

    The journey of Lekhraj into Brahma, is without a doubt the rewarding scene of going around the cycle of time. Yes, Krishna was “pure” and was born “pure.” Nothing special about it. On the other hand those experiencing “hell and heaven” within one life time in the journey of awakening, could perhaps share that “it is not like going to your auntie’s home.”

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      Thank you brother of light .can you put some light in the meaning if shrimat .
      Does it change? Or not .souls are numberwise …how can they follow shrimat .i feel that theses 2 notions( shrimat .numberwise ) is hard to put togather .
      Thank you for your time and beautiful rnergy


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        Sure. I will try to answer your question and share my take on Shrimat, if that could change and how that is related with ‘numberwise.’ All the best.


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      Om shanti. Thanks brother for your interesting article. Yes, I can relate to it and most BKs also could. I was leading a very normal/ worldly life when Baba ‘entered’ my life. Then I started to have a series of metaphysical experiences and was puzzled, but was happy though. 🙂 But sometimes I was scared too and requested the un-manifested God to spare me from those strange experiences. 🙂 After a couple of years I happened to go to the BK centre and life took a different turn, I started to understand the deep significance of my spiritual experiences. For me, the experiences/ practicals came first followed by the theory. 🙂 Anyway, visions and spiritual experiences only could guide us to some extent but this journey of the soul is LOOOOO….NG. Thanks for being a co-traveler.


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      Brother, why is it that I have not been getting new comments via e mail since a couple of months even though I select / mark the icon “Notify me of the new comments via email” ? Maya! 🙂


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        In theory, you should get new comments from the thread that you subscribed to. Perhaps there were no comments after yours… 🙂 It is best to look at this page once in a while.


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      Ok. But though you have commented on my message, even this ‘new comment’ has not appeared in my mail box. 🙂 Anyway, I will check the blog. Thanks.

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        Sometimes the email will go to other boxes such as spam, social, etc. It may take up to a day to receive the response. It is best to check here. Thanks.


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    The issue of channeling Brahma Baba 

    It came to my attention that “BapDada” is no longer showing up in the “physical body” in Madhuban, due to Dadi Gulzar’s health .
    I don’t know if this is a fact; but if it is; there could be potential changes in the way Brahma Kumaris will operate in the future.

    Dadi Gulzar has been the “instrument” for this for many years already.
    The voice of BapDada will change completely with another person being the channel. That will be the most obvious change. Also, I don’t know if Brahma Baba would agree to have another person for this, according to time. It requires a “unique” kind of person and the current circumstances of the BK world, may not call for that.
    Definitely it will be an “issue” for the BK organization, for if the “pieces” are not moved correctly, it may foster distrust in current followers and potential followers.

    To better understand the significance of the role of Dadi Gulzar, someone may need to experience or have a close understanding of what mediumship and channeling are. The explanation given through wikipedia or other second hand information, is not always complete. There is personal experience involved which is unique.
    Nevertheless, the most important aspect is reliability of the message given by the messenger. How reliable is the connection? How reliable is the message given to others? Many times the words chosen by the medium (if it is not channeling) may not be the same ones “heard.” Is the medium in optimum mental and physical health?
    There are many variables.

    For the few who have a different “subtle” connection with Brahma Baba, not being able to “meet” BapDada “officially” in Madhuban; will not make a great difference.

    Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for the BK organization is the fact that Brahma Baba “selects” some individuals to communicate with, however; these individuals may not be part of the top administration or “seniors.” My sister was an example of that, and through that communication; I became a BK and now, I am writing these articles being read by many BKs worldwide; although I am away from the BK experience. There must be a connection, of course.

    That is the way the “Drama” works. It connects the “dots” in unusual ways.
    “Normal” people are good at labeling others based on what they can only see in front of their noses. Unable to see the “big picture,” thus a very incomplete way to assess or worse, to judge “reality.”
    That is very human indeed.

    The Brahma Kumaris organization will continue to evolve if it is to survive. New fresh followers will be needed who are waiting to taste that BK experience “according to Drama.” Nevertheless, problems may arise from the “old” ones who were instilled a somewhat different set of beliefs and practices.
    From meeting BapDada personally to watching a video of a past “live” visit, will be all under the same umbrella of “Baba’s milan” so no one may think that they are missing out. The “power” of words.
    That is just the way it works.

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    The value of Brahma Baba 

    As January 18 is an important day for Brahma Kumaris’ followers, I’d like to share what I consider important about the life of Brahma Baba for Bks and Non Bks alike.

    Brahma Baba or Lekhraj Kripalani was a man who reached self-realization. It was his time.
    No one can tell the exact moment, as self-realization does not depend on the perception of others as to how a self-realized being needs to behave.

    Those who lived with him, may have never know about the process that he was going through. Those who experienced “miracles” attributed to his presence; may have strong feelings of devotion for him and believe that because they had experienced a “miracle,” then Brahma Baba was “very special” and them “chosen ones.”
    Brahma Baba was unique but not “special.”

    Brahma Baba was a source of inspiration to those who followed him, although he may not have been understood. The stories that are told about him may have been changed through time: Those who loved him, may have spiced up the stories. Those who didn’t love him, may have diminish the original stories. It is simple human math. At the end, to believe that “everyone will love a self -realized being” is a childish belief.

    The value of Brahma Baba now is not in the second hand stories that we may hear, but there is value “NOW” for those who had the chance to interact with him at the subtle level, that is in his body of light. As he created the BK religion, he is now preserving it by contacting those who need to be contacted regardless of “seniority” or “years in gyan” or any such human sociopolitical beliefs.

    It is important to know that Brahma Baba acts as a guide to help those who need it according to their destiny.
    Brahma Kumaris for the masses, is a different aspect. It is the “beginners guide.” Every human being comes from different types of conditioning, traumas and experiences making it impossible to create a “formula” that will fit all. Brahma Kumaris for the masses offers an effort to accommodate everyone through a somehow clear cut system, thus there will be issues all the time.

    A self-realized being does not know everything as what is told of ‘God.’ He is not a source of accurate data and information. A self-realized being IS empty of self. An Individual who is One with the Totality. Some may like to call that “God;” but labels do not matter to him but only to those who are not self-realized.
    A Being of light will disclose the information that is necessary according to time and according to the person that he is guiding. Many times, humans will interpret that information with inaccuracies; however, even in that; there will be benefit as a being of light knows the future.

    In contact with a Being of light or a self-realized being, the word “truth” has a totally different meaning from what we are conditioned to believe. It is no longer about literal words or accuracy in fortune telling, but about development of consciousness of those being guided.

    Question: How are you going to “follow the father “ if you don’t know him?
    Answer: It is not by DOING what we are told he did.
    It is by BEING empty of self.

    • ex-l 5:20 PM on February 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Truth be, I don’t follow your blog. I must have followed some link looking for BK related information. But I read over the recent posts and would like to comment on this key statement.

      You state, “Lekhraj Kripalani was a man who reached self-realization”. How can we say that and what does it actually mean? How does it stake up to the facts, objective, historical facts, as we know them?

      Firstly, is there only one level of “self-realization”? You present it as if it is a fait accompli. A finish job. If so, when exactly did Kripalani reach it, or what? And what evidence is for it?

      1932 … 1936 … 1968? Or may be, just perhaps, is he still on his path to pay his dues, make his self-corrections, reach the next level? Or is he even there yet?

      If there’s a major fault with BKism, surely it is with its (his) egotism, narcissism, delusions of self-grandeur etc. Everything has to be “global”, “supreme”, “the highest of high”.

      How about he just made the next level up? Or one up and one to the side?

      It seems to me BKism only works in a world where it is the be all and everything, the only one path and Kripalani is its God, and much of BKism is all about plugging the questions, and blinding the eyes to anything outside of it. Just about every other mystic path recognises that there are many levels and many paths. Therefore it is possible that Kripalani had some door of perception opened, reach a slightly higher level of awareness? Or earned a few extra trick?

      I fear you portray “self-realization” as if it is an ultimate “enlightenment” like the Buddha was supposed to have reached (but which the BKs don’t recognise).

      However, what we do know about Kripalani is that he paid a huge sum of money for some kind of initiation with the mysterious unnamed saddhu in Bengal. 10,000 rupees in 1930s money – that’s about in today’s money – and that after he did so, not only the changes started to happened with him, he adopted the use of the mysterious eyeshadow and that, arguably, some times after he fell to pieces in a manner that made his family fear he was having a mental breakdown.

      Further more, that contrary to the BKWSU’s portrayal, beforehand he was not actually the religious or spiritual figure he has been painted out to be.

      Aren’t the first thing to do, to ask a) who was saddhu, b) which tradition did he belong to, and c) what precisely did he initiate Kripalani into?

      Could it have been into a siddhi? Could it have been a relationship with some kind of spirit (possession and mediumship being core to the practise)? There are so many other possibilities before one jumps to the conclusion it was “God”, the one and only highest upon high, surely?

      How could he have been “self-realized” if he believed himself to be god for 20 – 24 years, or even allow a circle of dependent women and children around him believe he was god?

      (Bearing in mind there was no mention in the religion of the BKs’ “God Shiva” until around 1956).

      Surely, it’s a bit of a stretch of logic or appeasement to believe that a “being of light will disclose the information that is necessary according to time and according to the person that he is guiding”.

      Unless truth and light are two different things in your book, as in Lucifer was a being of light too … but I might not believe everything he says and worship him.

      Again, is there only one level or purity of “light”. You’re passing it off as an absolute.

      I could believe Kripalani was possessed by this other spirit but that would mean that he was too dumb or egotistically to recognise it for 20 odd years. That it took him until 1956 to realise it. But then, looking at the quality of materials it/he/they produced at that time, was it really that far down the spiritual path?

      The original, unedited and unrevised Sakar Murlis that make up the core teachings were really pretty limited, and how would you really judge his “creations”, the last of the Sindhi sisters who stuck it out through the beggary period? Do you really think the Jankis, Gulzars and Mohinis and so on of this world are that far advanced now you are out of the cult? Should they be judged by their creation, eg the current middle management and nature of the organization?

      Personally, I’ve given up caring about spiritual theory because that is all it is for me, theory I cannot prove or disprove. I can’t mesmerize others. I don’t exhibit mystical siddhi powers (although I’ve definitely felt and seen other [non-BK] do so). If I am at all clairvoyant, it was only sufficiently enough to see through the smoke and mirrors that the BKs and their god spirits surround themselves with.

      I am sorry but I don’t see it as light. I see it as smoke because it’s not even clear and true by worldly standards.

      I see it as some kind of psychicism, a lower level, not pure spirituality. And it’s most concerning symptom is the strength of its reaction to simple truths or light, suggesting to me that it or they are really living in the shadows.

      For me, a symptom of someone who is truly spiritual is to run to the light, embrace and adopt it, not to crush it, misrepresent it, deny it and keep others from it; as many within the movement do. Their typical response to anyone reaching out for a greater light, is to discredit or outcast them.

      What I would say in conclusion though it this, what does “follow the father” (Lekhraj Kripalani) really mean? Does it mean literally “follow the father”, like do what they say Lekhraj Kripalani did, and blindly copy everything he did (in the hope that it takes you to where he got)?

      Or does it mean “follow the father” as in step out and find your own path as, indeed, Lekhraj Kripalani did. Lekhraj Kripalani didn’t follow someone else. Right or wrong, deluded or enlightened, he carved his own path, learnt his own lessons and, presumably, took on his own karma to work out.

      Should that be what we or truly spiritual people should be doing, rather than trying to do his path in the blind hope it works out for us too?

      The BK middle management is keen to keep the cork in the genie’s bottle. They don’t want us to think there’s further to go them Lekhraj Kripalani went.

      I think it’s possible to suggest they want to mislead us into positions where they can exploit us, and the real lesson of BKism is to recognise that, drop it, go around it, and move on. I mean, even on a most basic level, look at how they blocked and monopolised access to BapDada and kept the interchanges dumbed down to an infantile level.


    • avyakt7- New Generation 4:57 PM on February 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I have discussed already some of the points that your bring in some of the posts.
      To begin, I do not share “truth.” I share my experiences.
      Allow me to start from the beginning: I joined Brahma Kumaris because Brahma Baba contacted my sister (She has medium capabilities among other “gifts.”) before we even knew what Brahma Kumaris was. That contact went on many times throughout the years, through that contact I was demonstrated that Science has limited knowledge and that I needed to put my bias aside to learn and explore something new although it wasn’t easy. Brahma Baba knew something about me, that I did not disclose to no one. That was my beginning as a BK.
      What scientific “proof” can I give of it? It is a subjective experience.
      There was a tree near my neighborhood in Peru. My sister used to listen to the voice of that tree when she was little. That tree gave her riddles and she brought the answers back. That relationship went on for years up until now. The tree said his name was Mathias and he presented to us as our friend. Later on he disclosed himself as a being of light (My sister is able to see that.) Mathias witnessed my “career” as a BK without trying to stop me and he helped my sister and I transition from that experience into something new. We were ready after the BK experience. Through Mathias, I actually received lots of help for my process of transformation. I am talking about years of changes. What scientific proof can I give of it? Another subjective experience.
      Now, there is a new being, his name is Miguel. Apparently he will be guiding me at one point and Mathias will stay with my sister. We shall see.
      I recall that in one of the posts you wrote in the BK forum, you mentioned that “I should take the guidance of a senior or someone” for in your view I was kind of rowdy, confused, etc. among other things… Well it seems that your advice became a reality.

      Going back to Brahma Baba and the BKs…
      Brahma Baba became one with the Totality. Self-realization. That is how we “follow the Father.”
      Followers will interpret the experiences of a person going through this process of self-realization. These followers will consider themselves as “chosen ones.” If they believe in God, they could even believe that God is with them. It is all about “them.” If there are many people, the tendency is to create a religion or a cult, for they believe to have the “truth.” These individuals will degenerate the experiences or “teachings” of the person going into this process.
      To illustrate, “Osho” (Rajnesh) is another self-realized being. He even said so while alive. Watch this “documentary.”

      It is viewed from the side of conditioned human beings who tend to change things to fit their own needs, their morality and conditioning rather than OBSERVE themselves and use the words of a self-realized being as a mirror. For society Osho may have been an eccentric person, a fake. A simple human being cannot tell the difference between a self-realized or illuminated person and a fake; however, that is part of their experience in Life. It is not “bad” but necessary.

      “A man may be born, but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die he must first awake.” Those were the words of Gurdjieff. Those make perfect sense to me now. That is the “dying alive” of Brahma Baba.
      Similarly, Brahma Baba went through a particular process where he had difficulties with his own family and other “normal” people. Just like Gautama Buddha had with his father and wife. Not only that, but many people rejected them, just like what happened to Jesus Christ and Osho.

      The DOING of a self-realized BEING is good and it has protection, because he IS good. Other individuals ARE not good but their actions are labeled as “good” in human view, morality. However, those actions are dishonest under the telescope of Life itself. Why? Their actions are not according to who they ARE.
      Observe that although Osho had surrounded himself with people who could kill in a heart beat and were trying to kill to get their objectives, at the end; no one was killed. That is the protection that I am talking about.
      Brahma Baba is a being of light. There are many BKs who had an experience with him.
      I understand that your viewpoint is mostly academic and follows conventional human morality; but Life is not always as it seems. Reason and Logic many times, only grasp the surface of the matter.
      I agree that Brahma Kumaris as an organization has made many mistakes. Even the teachings from Brahma Baba have been changed. Nevertheless, everyone is doing their part and I also acknowledge the function of Brahma Kumaris in our society for people like myself. That experience was necessary for me, so it will be for others.

      You are welcome to add your comments as I do not censor something unless I consider it to be insulting or disrespectful. That is my prerogative as this is my blog.
      My apologies if I do not answer quickly as I have other things in my plate. That is why I can post once a week in both blogs (explore7.wordpress.com and this one.)

      All the best.


    • Gayathri 8:35 AM on February 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes brother. I also had a few deep spiritual experiences with Brahma Baba in his angelic form. I could not even have imagined such deep experiences. Till today, he is my best friend.


    • avyakt7- New Generation 10:33 AM on February 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Many BKs that I used to know in my time, had an experience with Brahma Baba or even the point of light Shiva, which started their careers as BKs.
      Without those experiences, I will never have joined the BK movement. I valued my freedom to comply with the system too much. The “effort” was to leave it. Then, in time; it became a source of ego.


    • ex-l 6:37 AM on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Unfortunately, I have not had time to read over your current world view, or dare I say, “other world” view of the spiritual realms. In this case, I was thinking more about the experiences of Emanuel Swedenborg, one of Europe’s greatest mediums and mystics. An interesting individual because, unlike most mediums and mystics, he was high accomplished and grounded in this world, as well at the next.

      I, too, cannot confirm his experiences “scientifically”, and they were surely tempered for the time and place of his birth C18th, but he was noted for his many miraculous accuracies in prediction and proof.

      One of his best known works was ‘Heaven and Hell’ (the full title being Heaven and its Wonders and Hell From Things Heard and Seen). In essence, it was an account of his psychic journeying to many different realms and his meetings with angels and other spiritual beings in them. He shared an other worldly view of a universe of many different level above and below planet earth that is common in many traditions.

      Therefore, my question would remains which level or realm/s did Lekhraj Kirpalani access and/or achieve? How “enlightened” did he become.

      You now write, “Brahma Baba became one with the Totality” suggesting to me partly a monist world view, like Adi Shankara’s, but also that “he hit the jackpot”, “he reached the ultimate goal or level” in the way followers believe the Buddha did (but the BKs don’t) or achieved Moksha, as Shankara taught or his followers claim (but the BKs deny).

      BKs, and some ex-BKs, have a hard time even considered that, perhaps Lekhraj Kirpalani did not “hit the jackpot but just managed to reach a next level or two up. If I have one problem with BKism, is that it is overflowing with ego, its own vanity, narcissism, delusions of grandeur. Everything has to be the highest, global, the most supreme etc etc etc instead of ‘just a little better’. Which would still be OK.

      It seems to me the fragile, dare I say “child=like” ego BKism appeals to needs to think it is the best and most important in the world, instead of just another step or another path – a resting point even – on a long climb.

      In your world view, does Lekhraj Kirpalani still exist in a personal form AND has merged with “the totality”, eg is he still hanging around planet earth and the BKs and popping in and out of Gulzar? (I hear her mind has gone now).

      The way Swedenborg portrayed the different worlds – and he inspired many similar mystic thinkers since – was of higher and higher vibrations. In approximation, that we could communicate to beings from a world or two above and below, but as they became more and more refined, or speeded up (higher vibration) it became more and more difficult to do so and, from memory, required the passing of communication from our level to an ‘above’ and then from an ‘above’ to one above it.

      This would fit within a typical conception of the Hierarchy of Angels;
      Angels, Archangels and Principalities, Powers, Virtues and Dominions, Thrones, Cheribum and Seraphim etc. and similar concepts of “other worlds” or realms in Hinduism and Buddhism.

      It could even explain his communication with his god spirit/guide (and the fallibilities or inaccuracies as he developed).

      Now, at this point, the BK-mind starts to have a tantrum. No, it wants only one god, one realm, one path, one dada, one Baba (albeit it’s a bit confused which Baba [Brahma or Shiva]) and to be “right”. No other world and no other world view allowed.

      I’m not sure. I’m thinking there’s a much bigger picture and much more to existence.


      • Gayathri 8:21 AM on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Hello. Mr.Ex 1, your message is interesting. 🙂 Yes, i used to hear about these things since my childhood. We were told that there are 14 worlds, not sure whether it includes the earth and our solar system/ our universe. Also heard that (in MahaBharat) the 14 worlds were in Krishna’s stomach.

        As i could not grasp the meaning, i had asked my father what it means ( i was very young, 6,7 year old) and he told me something like it is the spiritual form of 14 worlds that are in Krishna’s stomach. And when i asked him why he ( my dad) has a paunch, he told me that there are 14 worlds in his stomach too. 🙂 🙂

        When i read your message, i felt like why should any one go through so much hardship in order to go from one level to the other. (Sorry for having this lazy attitude.) I believe that our transition should be smooth and harmonious. 🙂 Otherwise, as our dear brother Avyakt 7 says, we would be pretending most of the time to reach/ become one at the next level.

        One thing is for sure, Brahma Baba must be several realms (worlds) above me. He has helped me in many ways in the past 2 decades. And whenever i got the doubt whether i was hallucinating, he made sure to give me very deep experiences and a few experiences were unbelievable in the sense that i became clairvoyant too for a short while.

        Anyway, i believe that the transformation should happen gradually for our own well being; for our body and spirit. I am content with my present level of spirituality. Let this spiritual journey be joyous and entertaining.

        And i do plead to Baba sometimes that he should continue to be with me … who would like to lose such a wonderful friend? 🙂

        Yes, i agree with some of your comments on BK family.

        best wishes and regards to all,


        • ex-l 9:14 AM on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

          Although I am, without doubt, critic of BKism, I could accept, perfectly well, that Lekhraj Kirpalani was more accomplished than I on a worldly level and, having mastered a worldly level, moved on to a next.

          It would not be so much “why should anyone go through so much hardship in order to go from one level to the other” but that it is inevitable that one must progress from one level to another on one’s way; some faster, some slower, some stopping to take a rest, out of spiritual laziness, or help others.

          However, at this point I throw in the concept of the Sefirot of the Kabbalah that offers a spiritual map not simply of layers one on top of the other like a department store, but of different paths between different goals. The “Tree of Life”. You have various stages on two columns or extremes, a middle path, and multiple bridges or paths between them. And once you reach to top of one Sefirot, you find yourself at the bottom of the next!

          Each bridge between the centres represents a separate spiritual or worldly lesson.

          Lekhraj Kirpalani’s paths or lessons are not mine. Or yours. He mastered materialism, and then what? He paid for an expensive initiation with a saddhu in Bengal – where I believe one of the keys to understanding BKism lies – had some “chakra” opened, perhaps – and then went a little mad for decades, thought he was god, misinterpreted visions, hugely inflamed his ego and wrecked countless families.

          Yes, he may have developed as a medium for some other spirit being, even became a mesmerist but, if you ask me, I’d suggest he was stuck and coping with all the karma he created during those years.

          I’m really happy not to have it.

          As to the symbolism of Krishna, that’s easy to decode. Classically, that blue is the colour used to denote infinity. Therefore the worlds are not inside anyone tummy but merely within the infinity that is our universe.

          Hinduism is a terrible jumble of conflicting schools of symbolism developed on the basis of resolving social political conflicts, eg the question of rulership between the Brahmins and Kyshatria in the Gita, in which pluralism (whatever you believe is true too) developed as a way of avoiding conflict.

          BKism is something separate more akin to Islam or Christianity that borrows and steals terminology and symbolism from Hinduism, in order to attract customers and victims.


          • avyakt7- New Generation 7:41 AM on March 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

            Back in 2014 I shared this article:

            At that time, I interpreted that as “there is no hierarchy” based on the vision my sister had. It was my own interpretation.

            Later on, perhaps a few months later, Mathias mentioned out of the blue “Hierarchy is the way of the Universe.” That was some years ago.

            It is my experience that many times I have interpreted things which only fit my own model of thought. Basically, I continued with my own cage of conditioned delusions, thinking that “I know.” Once I realized that there is change.
            Similarly, I could understand that Brahma Baba had visions. He also interpreted those visions. Followers will be in charge of making those interpreted visions, as “truth.”

            “Beings of light” work with some individuals so these can fulfill a particular mission in Life, mostly for the common good. What they say is mostly for them alone. Sort of what the “Oracle” was in the movie “Matrix.” There are many parallels between that character and the mission of a being of light.

            I do not know how many “levels” there are of self realization or how many worlds. I know that Brahma Baba “hit the jackpot” and so did Osho Rajnesh. But they are so different! One practices celibacy, the other indulges in sex. How that could be? Again, is not what they DO. What matters in Life is what they ARE… Consciousness. Human morality is only a human way to judge and label, but that doesn’t matter at all in the realms beyond our society.

            Every medium, every seer, can only interpret according to what is presented to them and that interpretation is according to their own Life experiences. It is like seeing a dream at night. We make up the meaning. Sometimes it is correct. Sometimes, half way. Others, not a chance.

            To be one with the Totality is not to disappear into oblivion. It is to be conscious, aware that we are an individual but at the same time, we are everything, (Totality) when we are “nothing.” That “nothing” could be called “ego-less” as BK says, or “soul conscious” or “Sunyata” as the Buddhist tradition mentions.

            As you said, the BK mind wants “one path, one God and to be the only ones who have it all…” That is truly to be immersed in the egotistical mind. That is what the BK path is meant to be, in my understanding. It is a path to increase ego, for there is no way to dilute it unless it has increased and expressed in its fullest. In my experience; the BK path is necessary for some. Definitely, it was for my sister and I.

            Thus in my experience, to take full benefit of the BK path, we need to go all the way according to our capacity. That doesn’t mean necessarily to be there for 80 years. It means intensity. The intensity of a house in fire rather than just being burned by a small candle.
            That intensity makes it harder to leave for we have a new identity inside the BK conditioning, until there is nothing else to burn.

            At the end of the BK experience, what matters is what happens inside us. What has been transformed out of the experience? That is our “inheritance.”


    • ex-l 8:15 AM on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Another common element to those traditions is that the more “spiritual” or “pure” a vibration or guide is, the more subtle and hard it is to pick up, the more “powerful” – say ‘tangible’ – psychic experiences being seen as occuring at a lower level.

      A pattern and idea that BKism appears to have followed and to be adopting, from the “weakening” of psychic experiences of the nature of those had during Om Mandli era, to the withdrawal of Kirpalani/BapDada.

      I am not uptdate with what is happening now, but I hear second hand they are down to showing videos of BapDada/Gulzar at Madhuban now. And that Gulzar is on her way to being senile, like Prakashmani and others before her? The following has been long prepared for the idea that BapDada would not be performing his puppet show with Gulzar forever and that in the future/today? BKs would have to be able to rise to their Subtle Regions to meet them.

      Personally – although I have come to conclude that the only thing reliable about psychic experiences, is that they are unreliable (not that they don’t exist) – I would find BKism a lot more easy to tolerate if they gave up their supremacist views and went back to accepting that they were just one path, a step on the path, a resting place on a long climb, rather than “The One”.

      And admit their errors and false representations (I mean stuff like admitting their true history, the failed predictions, Kirpalani’s long held delusions etc).


  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:56 AM on August 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Joining the Brahma Kumaris 

    As far as I am concerned, a genuine “reason” why a seeker should join the Brahma Kumaris movement, is if that person had an experience with  Brahma Baba while alive or subtle Brahma after his passing.  Brahma Baba should be the one enrolling you, after all; Brahma Kumaris means “daughters of Brahma.” “Daughters” is not related with gender alone. This is related with female energy; thus a man could be enlisted as well.
    The ones enlisted through other “reasons,” have other motives appealing to them, mostly to enhance their perception of self or for convenience; such as being the offspring of BK parents.

    Typically, a person like that will not have the conviction to go through the path in “full force,” by giving his everything.
    If someone was allured by the promise of finding God in Madhuban, that person may find out that his expectation to see/ know “God,” was the force that kept him in the BK movement. Once that person travels to Madhuban, he may be disappointed, if without any “special experiences.” That person may leave the BK world. If not, that person will stick around for other “reasons” that may be ego enhancers for him.

    It may be that this person is a good salesman, he can pitch “knowledge” and convince others. He may be charismatic. He may have some social/ economical influence. He can open many centers and get the attention of the BK world. He can have some “status” as teacher or “in charge,” this person may have many abilities which are used by the BK movement, in the name of “god.” For someone who is a genuine seeker, all of that is of no consequence. Those skills may get the person a “good job” in our society, but do not translate into change of consciousness.

    Nevertheless, many will go through the ranks without seeing the “real reason” as to why they are in the movement.
    There are many stories as there are people, but remember that joining the Brahma Kumaris movement is not a “rational” decision. Those who have used reason alone, are not committed and they may be afraid at jumping at the pool  of the “unknown” and leaving everything they have built “through effort” in this society, as they crave for security in their lives.

    Those who have joined the BK movement because they wanted to find something greater than themselves, went with the heart. But those who joined to enhance themselves (by being right, special, having nice friends, etc.) may fulfill their needs, but their consciousness will dwindle towards the path of mediocrity.

    The above is how the label “numberwise” came into existence.
    “Tell me how you joined, and will tell you who you ARE.”

    Will take a couple of weeks off and resume writing on August 29th.

    • Chandra Prakash 9:54 AM on August 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Sir
      I joined BK 5 years ago after watching the program on TV “Awakening with Brahmakumaris”. The program fascinated me because they were addressing the issues which I was facing in my job and relationship. The program was so appealing that I left my job not in search of “God” but to learn the yoga and use my knowledge and skills fully and also suggest my parents to follow it.
      I went to my parents and visited the nearest ashram to our house and started attending regular class it was a very beautiful experience because of the “feelings” which I had never experienced before. ln the beginning it didn’t matter to me from where the knowledge is coming I was feeling better and it was working well with me so I didn’t bother about it.
      But after few months some questions arosed in my mind whether really God is teaching in this organization so I searched in Google to find the opinion of people about it but didn’t get satisfactory answers I was also confused about dharna part I wanted to know the truth from an experienced BK but unbiased. In this search I found your blog and started reading your post and found balancced answers then I went to Madhuban but I had no special experience.
      What I realized that joining BK developed voluminous thoughts and feelings in my mind and it is just the beginning in the path of self realization after that I stopped reading murlis but still visit centre on Sundays and on special occasions because I have no issues with them. I only visit just to feel the feelings I also listen videos of Sadhguru JV and feel his comments are balanced in every aspects of life and practiced Isha yoga learnt through YouTube. Now I don’t follow or follow any spiritual organization I just pay attention to myself – body, mind and breath and focus on the work which is needed to do.



  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:32 AM on July 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Brahma Kumaris knowledge denies the existence of a universal God 

    One of the paradoxical aspects of understanding Gyan deeply, is that the label known as “god” and associated with an all-powerful being who created the Universe and who is the cause of all effects, cannot exist in BK gyan.
    Truly, Brahma Kumaris knowledge doesn’t allow for a universal “God.”

    What is the main task of “god” according to Brahma Kumaris knowledge?
    To give theoretical knowledge, known as “gyan.” Other than that, there is no use/need of “god” whatsoever.
    For that reason, “yoga” came into existence: The connection to ”take away our sins.” However, that only works if we become BK followers. The main requisite then, is to be a BK follower to have access to this “God.” That is why, there cannot be a universal God in BK, who could be accessed by everyone.

    By the way, this is the main issue with all religions believing in a “god.” It is THEIR god only.
    Brahma Kumaris is using a universal label to depict a being that should be confined to the BK world. In India, the universal label “Shiva” was used to identify the BK God. That label has an impact there as Hindus will recognize it.
    How is it possible to link Shiva (God) with Brahma Baba?
    That became the task. It is a source of confusion for most BKs. In fact, most BKs do not know the differences between Shiva, Brahma, Dada Lekhraj, Subtle Brahma and BapDada. That confusion added mystery as no one could clearly pinpoint who is who. Not even the Murlis. It is all up to the word of the administration or just to err on the safe side, we could use the label “god” on every instance.
    At the end of the day, none of that matters.

    What matters is the message of this god.
    A message is something that will touch every individual in a different way, for individuals will interpret the message according to their own experience. Thus, a literal interpretation of the message without considering the intended audience, the historical time, translation and degree of consciousness of the translator, could lead to many misinterpretations.

    For instance, if a prospect BK now (2018) enjoys sex with his wife, if you tell him that ”sex is a sin” or some other colorful label depicted in Sakar Murlis, then if that person follows that “instruction,” without a doubt that person will be repressing sex. That is not good for him. He will not be honest with his own experience as he will THINK that following that direction will be best for him. If the direction is followed and the potential follower is unaware of the repression then inner struggle is sure to follow. Even a disease which will be labeled as “settling karma,” could occur. Thus, the BK system is helpful if we are aware of these inner dissonances. To discover that inner lie, is what is all about.

    That label “God,” has been misused and misunderstood throughout history, but many have invested their wealth, their power, their own lives just to continue with the convenient illusion. That label is indeed controlling the collective mind.

    The Sakar Murli mentioned: “ I am bound by the Drama.” [Shiva/God said that] And so are we. Above that ‘god,’ there is the Drama. Many BKS are completely unaware of this, even though they may hear the Murlis many times. Why is that? Because of their conditioning, not from the religion but from society and their learned beliefs. We come programmed with that to the BK world, so it is easy to accept a small deviation from the well known “truth” of  a “god.”

    The avyakt Murlis have a more accurate label for BapDada, that is the “Father.” BapDada is the father of BKs.

    Want to worship and LOVE something UNIVERSAL? Worship the “Drama.” However, let me take away that tasteless label, “Drama” and label things as they are: Worship LIFE.
    LIFE is it. LIFE is as UNIVERSAL as a label could be. It is equally accessible to all.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 7:02 AM on May 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , brahma baba, , mantra, ritual, ,   

    The significance of mantras, practices and rituals. 

    Some “spiritual practices” rely on rituals to attempt to give a believer a particular experience.

    We could send “rays of peace” or open our “third eye with the help of a crystal,” etc. All of that becomes part of the paraphernalia of spirituality or religious beliefs.

    According to my experience, there are some practices that indeed offer some of the prescribed benefits, such as “opening the third eye,” and “the ability to send energy of peace,” however, unless the adept is ready for this, nothing will happen.

    If Joe Doe sits for meditation for the first time, that becomes a beginning of his path. Because he is asked to send “rays of peace to the world,” that may not happen; but still is beneficial for Joe, as he has never thought that this could be possible. Up to that point, he only knew that cutting a check for some tax exempt institution in the name of “peace,” is the way to “help” the world. Now he knows something new.

    What is important to observe, is that “spiritual experiences” will happen according to the readiness of the seeker. If that person is more in tune with subtle energies, an “experience” is likely.
    Nevertheless, those experiences are only natural consequences of BEING. Most “normal” seekers are constantly looking for them even though, they are not ready. Having “experiences” is not an indication of the degree of spiritual evolvement of someone.

    For instance, Brahma Baba was a self -realized being at the end of his corporeal Life. He had done many “practices” which were copied by subsequent followers. Their thought (followers) was that by copying what he had done, then a similar effect will be experienced by them.
    It doesn’t work that way.
    Nevertheless, those practices in time became “mantras,” “rituals,” and considered “divine activities.” Followers made up those things based on their limited and conditioned understanding of Life.

    How do “I” become ready?
    By forgetting about that idea. To DO something for a “purpose” is what we have been conditioned to believe. A different consciousness, does not happen because “I” want, but because “I” deserve. That is why, methods, practices and rituals have no meaning for a person who is experiencing the process of self-realization, but for those who don’t, there is meaning and benefit.

    A ritual, mantra, meditation or method are positive ways to give an incentive to a seeker, a discipline to follow, even though the “higher goal”(whatever it is) will not be achieved through those things. At the same time, those things are not important for those who are already experiencing a different consciousness. It is all relative and paradoxical depending on where you ARE in Life.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:43 AM on March 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Message 8: Imitation of Being of Lights. 

    A being of light (angel) has been seen to be made of white light.
    A Brahma Kumaris follower, dresses in white.
    A being of light is one with himself. Sexuality is not needed in that realm.
    A Brahma Kumaris follower does not engage in sexual activity.
    A being of light does not need to eat. However, they may be seen in scenes while eating.
    A Brahma Kumaris follower believes that food needs to be “pure,” meaning; only prepared by followers following all (believed) standards of “purity.”
    A being of light does not need to sleep.
    A Brahma Kumaris follower is encouraged to sleep as little as possible. The example given is of Brahma Baba who could sleep only a couple hours a day.
    A being of light is incorporeal. It is believed that God is incorporeal.
    A Brahma Kumaris follower is taught to forget his body. That is their understanding of becoming “incorporeal” from “body conscious.”

    Copying other beings does not make someone a being of light. When consciousness lacks, imitation is dangerous.

    To deny who we ARE now to imitate what we ARE not, is to deny ourselves, our nature, Life. That is to deny the gift of being alive: BEING “Now.” We are human beings: Acknowledge it, experience it, become fully aware of it, for it has its own time.

    • Dinesh C 11:37 AM on March 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, really amazing message this time. One thing came from my mind while reading this is that there is one hidden third aspect of this message too. For example, this message is written as geometric proof like “A=B” “B=C”, therefore A=C. 🙂
      And one thing I would like to say from my same relevant experience is that we imitate Sr. brothers and sisters a lot if we are serious about following BKs. Then appears a higher and lower, good and bad, right and wrong. This imitation is also a reason for these labels, I mean according to my understanding.
      Thanks for writing this message, Om shanti 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 6:19 AM on January 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    The mind and its extremes in BK Life 

    One of the characteristics of a person being utilized by his own mind, is that he will go to extremes as part of his beliefs and ego needs.

    Brahma Kumaris will offer that experience, but if we are not AWARE, we will miss the chance.
    For instance, a follower who has believed in Brahma Kumaris for a long time and has invested resources to support his belief system, is going to “teach others” as he will believe that he is DOING good to others or that he is BECOMING someone “special.”

    The ego needs a way to expand. “My beliefs are TRUE therefore, I am helping others who cannot see what I can.” This sort of grandiose is only showing ego. A person who is UNAWARE, will not notice such pretentious life. It is no longer about “self-realization” but to “self-realize others.”

    Let us say that this person gets disappointed and leaves the BK system. More likely, if his ego is starving for recognition; he will go to the other extreme.
    Now, he will preach “salvation” from the BK system.
    Observe that this person is DOING exactly the same thing, but in opposite direction.
    That is a DOING of the mind.

    Most of the time the extreme is proportional. That is, the deeper we go on one side, the mind will go into the other at the same intensity.

    Observe that Brahma Kumaris teachings are of no consequence for those who are AWARE. What matters is to observe “ME,” to observe how is it possible to believe on having the TRUTH just to go to the other side and deny it, but still saving face as a “SAVIOR” in both instances.

    It goes something like this:
    “I believe in BK teachings. I AM good because I spread them. A few years later: I don’t believe in BK teachings. I AM good because I am saving others from it.”

    We are not aware of the dualistic mind.

    Isn’t “self-realization” what “spiritual” seekers want?
    How is it possible to pass the opportunity to observe their own mind?

    The conditioning is great. As a BK, we see Life as “good or evil.” (duality.)
    Out of the BK experience, still the same duality exists. The EGO perceives that “I was wrong,” so the way to make things “right” is to go against what was embraced before. I must redeem myself.

    In “spirituality” there is no such a thing as “God realization.” But when “the others” is very important in our Life and our dependency is great; then “god realization” weighs more than “self-realization.”

    Also, there is no such a thing as “DOING service.” You ARE therefore, that is what is serviceable or non-serviceable. To DO a recipe of things believing to be the “right” thing, despite not BEING congruent with that DOING, is lack of honesty.

    Any follower who is expecting for words to show them “truth,” is kidding himself. If those words aren’t according to my experience, I am lying to myself.

    The original teachings of Brahma Baba through his experience have been changed. There have been many people (leaders) putting their hands on these “teachings.” This is a frequent experience when regular people surround someone who is in the process of changing his consciousness at a different level. These followers are more concerned in spreading their “truth” and making it available to the masses, rather than learning themselves from that unique experience of witnessing someone closer, going through the process of self-realization.

    So why Brahma Baba does not show up and take a stand against those BKs who are misinterpreting his teachings?

    Brahma Baba had his chance to act. He did while “alive.” Now, others have the opportunity to act as well. This is not about “making things right.”
    That is a human limited vision based on a strong conditioning. In the unlimited, it is about the experience that will be able to change consciousness. To allow everyone to “act” as they need to; for at the end of the game; we know that in fact it is a predestined game, and everything will be as it has to BE. What is “good”? What is “right”? Obviously what is happening in the Drama / Life. Therefore, nothing is “bad” or “wrong.”  Do we have the openness to consider this?  Many like to throw their human morality into the picture and then want to be self-realized at the same time!! This, does not mean either to be “immoral.”  Let us not go to the extreme of mental dualities. It just means to have acceptance, amplitude, “open mind,” to appreciate things beyond our narrow intellectual perception, our “black or white” illusion of a world full of color.
    Therefore, OBSERVE your own game. Become AWARE of it… a “detached observer” of it.  

    For the common good.

  • avyakt7- New Generation 9:32 AM on October 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Misunderstood points in gyan: Numberwise 

    I will start a little series labeled as: Misunderstood points in gyan.
    The purpose is to look at the same Murli point from a distinct perspective. This is necessary to have a deeper understanding of Brahma Kumaris gyan. Otherwise, a limited understanding means misinterpretation for Life and the Universe are greater than a particular perspective of a religion or ideology.

    The typical way “numberwise” is interpreted in Brahma Kumaris is as follows: Every “soul” has a particular capacity, when compared with others, that will give a “soul” a particular ordinal number, a “ranking.”

    In Brahma Kumaris, the most celebrated capacity is labeled as “purity.”
    Therefore, Brahma Baba (founder) is considered number “1” in purity. As a consequence, Brahma Baba will be the first emperor of the “Golden age.” (Narayan I- Krishna.)
    That is the belief.

    In Brahma Kumaris, it is known that because Brahma Baba is the “first pure soul,” he will also be the “first impure.”

    Note that the knowledge of polarity and duality is within that simple affirmation.
    However, the “churning” will stop there, as it is convenient to demonstrate to a follower, the importance of “making effort” to become “number 1,” or rather close to that number.

    As it is said in Brahma Kumaris: “Position 1 and 2 are already taken (Brahma Baba and Mama who will be Krishna and Radhe respectively) but the other numbers are available…”

    That affirmation gave place to infantile games: The top 8 souls. Who is number 3, 4,5,6,7,8?
    “Those souls will not get much “punishment” at the end,” it is said. “Punishment” is important for religions targeting beginners, in their seeking journey.
    Those souls will be Narayan 3 to 8 in the Golden Age.
    All of that is only entertainment for the mind, childish games and a little push for the ego to “become one of them.” It is easier to say “become #1” but this is not a matter of DOING things but on BEING it (embodiment) and that depends on where the individual is positioned, in his range of experiences in the cycle of time.

    Of course, 8 was expanded to 16, 108, 1024, etc. the popular “rosary of victorious souls.”

    In Life, numbers are non-existent. Thus, “Numberwise” cannot be. A “ranking” is a human belief which does not apply to Life. It is merely a “teaching tool” to give a mental carrot to a donkey, who is eager to become SOMEONE.

    Observe that the “purity” of Brahma Kumaris “souls” are in direct proportion to their impurity. Following the belief, there cannot be a more impure soul than a Brahma Kumaris follower. 

    We can also discover that by following the BK belief, Brahma Baba started the impure world, followed by BKs.
    Why is the world “impure”? Because of BKs.
    The “tamopradhan world” is the creation of BKs.
    If this article is understood in its extent, it will be obvious to observe that anything that we believe to BE (pure, compassionate, angelic, etc.) it is certain that we have been or will be the opposite as well (impure, violent, evil, etc.) This is how the feeling of guilt started in our society. We want to pick one side of a coin only, knowing that it has 2.

    In other words, there is the contrast in Life. There is duality; but there is no “numberwise.” That is a BK creation, which is necessary to enhance the sense of being “special;” but that is a necessary enhancing ego trip, to dissolve it.

    For the common good.

    • Gayathri 9:29 PM on October 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Om shanti brother. Trying for the hundredth time (??) to send my comments to this blog. For your information, your blog has become tamopradhan; it is choosy about the comments, it is not a detached observer, does not treat every comment with equanimity. 🙂


    • Gayathri 9:42 PM on October 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It seems accusing your blog has worked! 🙂 🙂 In the mean time i have forgotten what i wanted to say. 😦

      Yes, i had those experiences too.. i was unaware of what was happening inside me ( the ‘spiritual’ ego building up) till i met a few people who were a sort of down to earth and who did better than I did while facing certain situations…. a revelation for me.

      Yes, the “I” is quite deceptive.

      Can i share a joke here? 🙂 My brother is a doctor and most of his close friends are doctors from the same hospital and i ‘know’ many of them. One day, while chatting with me, he was describing a friend as an ‘Eye specialist’. Later on, i realised that that particular person was an Engineer by profession.. and i got confused as to why my brother was calling him an ‘Eye specialist’. Then my dear brother explained to me that that Engineer friend has a lot of EGO hence is called an “I”- specialist.

      Gayathri ben.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dinesh C 10:54 AM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ahnanda, nice series taken bro 🙂

      So here am I with a query related to misunderstanding gyan points… your view point on same will really enhance my exploration 🙂
      In the second lesson when they give the introduction of the father (Shiv Baba), they associate Gautam Bhudda and Mahavira as well in that lesson, claiming that they witnessed Shiv baba in their meditation, especially about Gautam Bhudda. Now my exploration of Bhuddism says that either Bhudda never spoke about God or he spoke just once or twice about God. He never claimed to find God or witness God in his meditation. Can you please share your view point on this thing and comment on Gautam Bhudda’s view on God as well. Thanks for sharing your wisdom to enhance our journey 🙂


  • avyakt7- New Generation 4:47 AM on September 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , brahma baba, , , , , , new soul, new world   

    Question about the “new world.” 

     “Some come so late, that is, they come just before the new world is about to begin, that is, they come about two to four hundred years before the new world. What is that worth?”
    I would appreciate if you could please clarify the following words Baba spoke with regards to “two to four hundred years before the new world”
    which new world is Baba referring to ?

    Thank you for your question.
    Whenever there is some “Murli interpretation” for whatever the case may be, there is a need to observe the context and not just what “Baba said” in a literal way.

    Brahma Baba (or his  current team of translators/editors) for what I recall, used to believe that the later someone comes into the kalpa, there is much that this “soul” is missing. That belief used to be the basis for giving BK children an “intoxication.” For it is believed that a BK soul will come at the “beginning” of the kalpa or within 2500 years of the beginning “according to effort.”
    If the kalpa is 5000 years as the BK belief states, then a “soul” coming for the “first time,” 4600 years into the kalpa, will have very few life times on this dimension. Thus, the statement: “what is that worth?” Meaning that a BK soul will have more lives to DO predestined stuff in the kalpa.
    Many BKs will welcome this statement to “prove” how important their BK role is in the kalpa. Obviously, the “new world,” the Murli refers to, is the “Golden age” or beginning of the “new” kalpa.

    There are many points to consider:
    1. Time is one of many dimensions.  If 400 years is a blink of an eye; then 5000 years is a long sneeze, but while in the physical dimension 100 years seems like a long “time” to live.
    2. The belief that DOING things on this physical dimension is better than being “someplace” else. According to BK belief, a “newer” soul will be “sleeping” in the soul world.
    3. If roles are predetermined according to the capacity of the soul, as the BK belief states; then the statement “ what is that worth?” has no meaning. It is all in the Drama and it is perfect as it is, regardless of someone’s view point.
    4. A soul that comes “first” will experience the full extent of the world of duality: Extensive happiness means extensive sorrow, according to BK belief, thus a “newer” soul is spared of that.
    5. BK followers are looking for happiness while experiencing sorrow “now.” (According to BK belief, they are experiencing hell on Earth.) A newer soul does not have that same consciousness and experiences. To look for happiness may be meaningless to them.

    I need to add that Avyakt7-NG is not concerned with any of the above intellectual things (mind trips) that he is using to illustrate his view in lieu of the question asked. Avyakt7-NG does not “churn” the Murli and he is not concerned on proving that BK knowledge is “right” or “wrong.”
    However, I understand through my experience, that many BK followers are discovering their own minds through intellectual “ Murli koans”  and “churning” is part of that discovery; thus the reason that I answer this question.

    For the common good.

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